How to make a wall?

If you are awaiting repairs ahead of you, willy-nilly, the question arises how to decorate the walls in a room? You want to make it with taste and somehow in a special way. The trained designers are well aware of the beautiful design of the wall, but it is not always possible to resort to their expensive assistance. Therefore, we offer to use our ideas and make your home even more stylish and comfortable.

Decor using photos

We offer to talk about how to arrange the wall photos. Each of you has gigabytes of photo memories on your computer. and after all they can be placed not only on a hard disk or an album, but also perfectly to issue a wall.

Place them in a prominent place (can be on the center of the wall) photos of your family members. To make them look harmonious, it is worth creating a composition. To do this:

  1. Select multiple photos, united by one theme or style. It can be black - white, color, stylized, portrait or landscape images.
  2. Attach on the wall templates of your future photos to determine their placement.
  3. If you hang them symmetrically, you will make the interior rigor and order. By doing this asymmetrically, you will add dynamics to the room.
  4. Take seriously the choice of frames. They can be both the same and completely different, but sustained in the same style.

Wall decoration kitchen

Before you make a wall in the kitchen, you should think about the practicality and durability of your decor. Excellent options for this will be:

  • Decorative plates, randomly hung on the wall.
  • Designer multi-colored tile.
  • Cutlery decorated in frames instead of photos.
  • Washable wallpapers. They will not just look beautiful, but also visually expand the space.
  • Wall stickers.
  • Washable paint in bright colors.
  • Relief plaster.

Children's room

  • Add to the design of the baby's room bright cheerful colors. But this does not mean that you need to repaint the entire room in orange, it is enough to make one wall bright.
  • Use a great modern idea - self-adhesive stickers. On them can be depicted as various objects, and the name of the baby.
  • Create a real art gallery on your free wall using art works of your child for it. Attach pictures can be on color tape.It leaves no traces on the wallpaper, which allows you to frequently change your exhibition.
  • Recently, it is important to use for the design of embroidery walls with the image of cartoon characters or touching bears.

Entrance hall

For the hallway a mirror will become a practical and magical decoration. It will be a great helper in the process of collecting for work or a walk, as well as scare away evil spirits from your home. It is believed that a person who has entered your home leaves all the negative energy in the mirror and comes into your abode as clean and innocent as a sheet of paper.


Finally, we propose to consider how to decorate the walls of the most important room in the house - the bedroom. Of course, for this fit almost all of the above methods. But lately a combination of wallpapers has become popular.

So, we make out the wall wallpaper. To do this, select several companions. One wall, preferably at the head of the bed make more bright and expressive. The remaining three should be more relaxed to highlight the beauty of the headboard.

If just wallpaper - this is not enough for you. Place on the walls beautiful frames with mirrors.It will be not only beautiful, but also give spice to your intimate life.

From our article you learned how to decorate a wall without making special efforts for this and without having special design or artistic skills behind you. Good luck in your work!