How to make an original bouquet of toys?

A woman, no matter what age she is, always demands attention to herself, care and affection, she wants so much to be constantly surprised and pleased with something new, especially if the question concerns a loved one.

Flowers, sweets, decorations or soft toys have long become traditional tokens of attention; all this is good and right, but a woman cannot be surprised by such standard gifts. And what if we take and combine all these amenities into one, getting the original bouquet.

Cute Hippo

Recently, bouquets of toys and sweets have gained rapid spread, they can be found on sale in specialized stores and even made to order!

But the most pleasant will be the gift that was made with his own hands, because in such a bouquet his creator put all the love, attention and good energy towards the one for whom this gift was created.

It’s not difficult to make a bouquet of soft toys, you just need to gain some patience and plunge into the depths of your own imagination, and with the technique of the process, we will tell you.But, having learned to create such masterpieces, you will always have something to please the beautiful half of our society: such gifts with stormy enthusiasm are accepted by both adult ladies and small children.


Plus, if the process really becomes fascinating and absorbing for you, such bouquets can always be prepared for sale, a similar way of earning is especially relevant for young mothers who have to spend most of their free time at home.

Bouquets of soft toys are an original way to express attention, which is pleasant, such a bouquet will not fade in 2-3 days, as it happens with fresh flowers, but will please the eye for a long time.

There are different ways of arranging such bouquets, the smaller the toys are, the more their number usually increases. The most optimal number of toys - 5-7 pieces, because the creation of such a bouquet will take a little time, and make it easier for others.

What can we need?

  • Stuffed Toys. Usually, small animals are chosen, for example, bears or rabbits, the ideal size of a toy is with a palm. Larger toys can look coarse and difficult to combine, and very small ones risk losing against the general background of wrapping paper.It is desirable that they were the same type and size, but if the animals are different, then at least ensure that they are combined in color and size.
  • Floral wire for fasteners components.
  • Toys must be fixed on something, usually a piece of dense foam or cardboard is suitable for this purpose, although the latter can bend under the weight of toys and paper.
  • Aluminum, plastic or cardboard tube to create a bouquet handle.
  • Corrugated paper combining colors: it is the most different, ranging from standard monophonic, ending with options with transitions, sparkles, choose the one that is most suitable for the toys.
  • Ribbon for decorating bouquets or regular satin ribbon, you may need a few meters of thick and thin ribbon for decoration.
  • Decorative elements: various rhinestones, beads, flowers from ribbons or artificial flowers, hearts and so on may be needed. Additional decor should be chosen strictly depending on the toys and corrugated paper, make sure that the bouquet does not have empty gaps, usually for this and use different beads, flowers, etc.
  • Glue tape tape.
  • Stapler, wire cutters, scissors, glue-moment (PVA is undesirable, as it can leave yellow unaesthetic traces).

How to make a bouquet with your own hands?

On the Internet there is a huge number of detailed master classes, where the authors in great detail describe their ideas for creating bouquets of toys. Most of them are simple and easy for even beginners, the main thing is to carefully follow all prescriptions and instructions.

We will describe one of the most simple, but, nevertheless, interesting schemes, with the result that you get a nice bunch. We have described the approximate composition of the necessary materials, get down to business.


First you need to work on the base: for this we cut a small truncated cone out of foam plastic, the upper part of the base must be larger in diameter than the lower part, to which the handle will be attached. In the lower part we make a small hole in the middle, carefully glue it with glue and insert a tube that will act as a pen. The base is ready.

Now it’s the turn of plush toys: the easiest option is to glue them to the base with a glue gun, but it’s worth noting that they will hold tight.Perhaps this is good for a bouquet that will not be understood, but if a gift is meant for a child, then he will certainly want to pull out a toy, which cannot be done without damage.

A bunch of kitty

Therefore, we will use a floristic wire for this purpose: cut a piece of the required length, pierce a toy with it at the bottom, and then bend and weave both ends of the wire so that they can be inserted into the base.

We prepare all the toys, and then in the right order, insert them into the base, using this method, you can experiment with the location of the toys, fitting them to the most profitable option.


Do not forget to fill the space between the toys with other decorative elements, such as flowers from ribbons, but remember, decorations should be an appropriate addition to the toys, and not overload the bouquet. Finally, the base and handle of the bouquet should be decorated with corrugated paper or wrapped with a ribbon.

In order for the wrapper to look magnificent, do not feel sorry for the paper, add it with satin ribbons, you can use a special ribbon to decorate the bouquets.

Instead of a pen, you can use a real basket, into which all the same foam base is inserted, the result is an effect, as if the toys "grow" from the basket.

So, everything is ready, as you see, there is nothing complicated here!

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