How to make makeup

If you do not want to face such problems as premature aging of the skin, oily shine, acne and early wrinkles. It is important to do a make up remover. Facial make up is done in three stages.

1. Makeup lips.

You will need a makeup remover. Apply it on a cotton pad and moving from the outer corners to the center of the lips gently remove the lipstick.

2. Eye make up.

Use a biphasic oil based agent. Begin eye makeup removal with mascara removal. Cut the cotton pad in half and moisten the halves with the product. One half put on the lower eyelid, the second remove the mascara from the roots of the eyelashes to the tips.

3. Cleansing the skin.

There are two types of skin make-up remover: dry - use lotion, milk or tonic; wet - washing with foam, gel or soap.

Which way to choose is up to you, but note that the products should not contain alkali and alcohol. Remove makeup from the center of the temple along the massage lines.

If you are the owner of problem skin, then choose a means with zinc,sulfur or salicylic acid and copper. They prevent inflammation and controls the sebaceous glands.

If the skin is prone to allergies, use micellar water. This is a real salvation for people whose skin is sensitive to chlorine.

For dry and normal skin, use moisturizers. The choice is huge this milk, lotions, biphasic solutions, butter and cream. Make sure that after use, they do not leave discomfort and toned the skin well.

If you want to deeply and carefully clean the skin, use special devices, such as Plus from Clarisonic or Visapure. Such devices affect the skin color, and the bristles will clean the pores of black spots.