How to make money in GTA?

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How to make money in GTA?

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) - a legendary series of video games in the genre of Action, which are produced since 1997 on various gaming platforms. In all games of the series, the plot revolves around the desire of the main character to succeed in the criminal environment. One of the indicators of success is always money. We will tell you how to make money in GTA and why you need money in the game.

In GTA, money is not only a currency that allows you to purchase a variety of game items. Depending on which game in the series you play, they give you a number of advantages over other players. You can earn them in the following ways.

The first GTA

In GTA 1 and GTA 2, money makes it possible to move to new places. It was possible to earn them by passing plot missions, as well as participating in street crimes: criminal attacks, races, murders. Moreover, if you pass the mission a second time, your profit will double, etc. In subsequent games in the series, this option was removed. In addition, money can be rescued from the sale of cars and weapons.


In GTA 3, money is awarded for completing additional quests, they can be earned by selling unnecessary items, and they can also be found near the bodies of pedestrians killed on the street.

GTA Vice City

In GTA Vice City, you will not receive money for street crimes. It only remains:

  • complete basic and additional quests;
  • collect money from dead pedestrians;
  • rob stores

From this part there is an opportunity to buy real estate and business, bringing income. You can help out 50 monetary units if you attack a gangster who is being chased by the police, and you also get 5 units for each passenger picked up at the bus stop while driving.


In GTA Vice City Stories, you again get the opportunity to acquire real estate and business assets that make a profit. The hero also makes a profit from each property, which is reported daily at 4:00 pm on his pager.

If you save a pedestrian from being attacked by a member of another criminal gang, you get a small reward.

You also get a reward for every broken parking meter.


In GTA San Andreas, you can go into debt. In this case, they will call and threaten to kill you if you do not return the money to Karl. If, after the second call, you do not earn enough money to get out of the minus, they can send you a hired killer, from whose corpse you can take a lot of money. Also assassins can be found in Los Santos.They wear blue jeans and a white sweatshirt with a hood thrown over, as well as a white jersey, knocking out of the sweatshirt. You can also earn money by renting a car in the city of San Fiero.


In GTA 4, money can still be earned by hijacking cars, killing passersby. Also added new options:

  • having hijacked a police car, go to the base of criminals and search for one of them. A tidy sum will fall out of the killed criminal;
  • collector robbery - drive away the armored van to a secluded place and blow it up. Together with the remains of the car on the ground fall banknotes;
  • ATM victim - wait until someone from the passers-by does not withdraw money from the terminal. Then take away his bills by killing him.
  • shop robbery - just aim the weapon at the cashier so that he takes the cash from the cash register and gives it to you.


In GTA 5, the dollar is recognized as the currency for the first time. There is a mass of new opportunities to earn money: to raise them from sunken ships, to participate in street crimes, to invest money in stocks in the stock market, etc.