How to make music from video?

Sometimes while watching a video on YouTube or an interesting movie you hear a good melody, but you do not know its title or artist. In such a situation it is very difficult to find the melody you like, because it is almost impossible to make it. The only way out is to extract the music from the video.

To do this, you need a special program that allows you to cut music from a video file. The following programs can cope with the task:

  • Movavi;
  • VideoMaster;
  • Lucky Video Converter;
  • Online audio converter.


  1. Download the program.
  2. Open the file and install the program.
  3. Run the program. Work in this program is a pleasure, as the interface is very concise and, moreover, it is translated into Russian.
  4. Click "Add Video" and load the video file. It is worth noting that in the program Movavi can handle multiple videos simultaneously.
  5. Select the desired fragment (in case you need to extract not the whole record).
  6. Go to the “Convert to” tab and specify the required audio format (MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA, OGG).
  7. Select the folder in which the audio file will be saved and click "Start".
  8. In a few minutes your music composition will appear in the selected folder.


  1. You can download this program,. After that, install it on your computer.
  2. After the program is installed, select the tab "Add" - "Add video". VideoMaster also allows you to process several videos simultaneously.
  3. Open the “Convert to format” tab and select the required format (MP3; WMA; WMV).
  4. Next, configure the necessary parameters: type of codec, frequency, bit rate. And at the very end click "Apply".
  5. Click "Convert" and wait until the process of extracting the audio file is completed.
  6. When the conversion is completed, click on the "Open folder" and copy our file to a suitable folder on your computer.

Lucky Video Converter

Lucky Video Converter is a very easy-to-use program for converting video to audio.

  1. After you install the program, select “Add file”. Add a video file and click "Open."
  2. If you want to extract sound from a video on YouTube, copy the URL link and paste it by clicking the Add URL button.The program itself will find the necessary video.
  3. Select a format and a folder to which the music fragment will be moved (“Settings” - “Target folder” - “Save”).
  4. Click "Convert", so you start the process.
  5. Go to your target folder and listen to the resulting music track.

Online Audio Converter

If you do not have time to download and install programs on your computer, you can use the online program to convert video to audio file. Extracting music occurs in several stages:

  1. Run the program by going.
  2. Click "Open Files" and select the desired video file. It should be remembered that the maximum allowable file size is 1500 MB.
  3. Choose the appropriate audio format.
  4. Click the "Convert" button and wait a few minutes.
  5. After the file is converted, click "Download" and download the file to your computer.

Now you know how to make music from video. You should only choose the appropriate option and get to work.