How to make papier-mache plate?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
January 11, 2013
How to make papier-mache plate?

Papier-mâché is the most unique way to get a chosen shape, thanks to scraps of unwanted paper. In this manual, you can learn how to make such a plate of papier-mâché. A master class for its manufacture is attached.

Required components

For the manufacture of this crafts you need a plate in the role of the base, a newspaper and white thin paper. For the work you need wallpaper glue, suitable also paste from flour. And directly how to make a papier-mâché plate, see the instructions below.

Instructions for making

  • Take a newspaper and make blanks, that is, you need to cut pieces of paper no more than 2x2 cm. You will need a lot of such pieces. It is permissible to make workpieces of a smaller size, and it is better not to cut them, but to tear, so that the edges are turned with fibrous fibers. In this case, when gluing the next fragment to the form, the borders will not be so noticeable. The same pieces need to be prepared from tracing paper or white thin paper, but they will need a little less.To make papier-mache crafts, you need to choose a plate as the basis, since we need to get the shape of the plate. So take this plate and apply a thin layer of any cream or vaseline on it. This is necessary so that the resulting paper form is then easily peeled off from the base, that is, the plate.
  • Begin to glue the pieces on a plate so that each subsequent piece slightly covers the previous one. All even layers are best glued with a color newspaper, and odd ones with white or black paper. Otherwise, because of the diversity of the newspaper, you will not see - you are gluing a new layer or an old one. According to the rules, glue should be applied to pieces of paper with a brush, but in practice it is better to pour glue into the saucer, dip each piece of paper on one side, and glue it to the base, that is, the plate, and make sure to smooth it over with your fingers. In exactly the same way, make 8-10 layers and let it all dry for about a day. Then continue to work, only with pieces of white paper. Depending on the type of paper used, there can be from 4 to 8 layers of white. If you have fears that later the plate may break, then in the middle of the work we advise you to lay a layer of gauze, it will give the product an additional strength.Next, leave the form to dry also for a day.
  • After all the layers of paper are completely dry, carefully remove the shape from the plate. That side which adjoined to a plate, completely consists of pieces of the newspaper. It should be “hidden”, best of all under white blanks. Now paint the plate to your taste and the craft is ready.

So ready papier-mâché do it yourself. A plate for a long time will delight your eyes. Such a plate of papier-mâché will be able to decorate absolutely any room.