How to make up for a photo

You will need
  • Foundation, concealer, powder, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, contour pencil.
Perform all procedures for eyebrow correction, leveling skin tone, etc. in advance. If you want to look perfect, a couple of days before the photo shoot, visit a beauty salon, ask them to choose the right makeup for you and do a professional face cleaning.
Disguise all skin imperfections with concealer and concealer. Your face should look perfect, because pimples, redness, a rash, bags or bruises under the eyes can ruin the entire photo session. Be sure to use the powder, so that the images do not show oily shine. Do not forget that the skin tones of the face, neck and décolleté should not be much different.
Tint eyebrows with a special pencil. They should be clear, but natural. The exceptions are cases where a particular shape or shade of eyebrows requires an image chosen for a photo shoot.Sometimes bright, unusual and unnatural makeup can be necessary, for example, to create an image of a geisha, the heroine of a cartoon, etc.
Pay attention to eye makeup. As a rule, the expressiveness of the image depends on the choice of shadows, carcasses, eyeliners, as well as the work of a makeup artist. You should not get involved in rhinestones and sparkles, because when shooting with a flash, they are inappropriate. Remember that the camera hides makeup, so it should be very bright and expressive.
Do not use shades of red, unless they are needed to create the selected image. This applies even to delicate pink shadows: in the photo your eyes will look sore or even tear-stained, rather than expressive. If the theme of the photo shoot does not imply a special eye make-up, use shades which color suits you best.
Choose a lipstick shade that suits you perfectly. Do not use lipstick at all, otherwise you will look too faded. You also do not need to be limited to glitter, it can be applied only on top of lipstick. To emphasize the line of the lips and make it more expressive, use the contour pencil.