How to meet men first and is it worth it?

Relations are full, which in fact do not help, but only prevent us from finding each other. The traditional distribution of roles in society dictates that if you like him, then you just have to wait passively and smile until he is bothering to come to you first. But still life is too short, and alcohol in bars is too expensive to waste time for procrastination. Get together and take the first step yourself! Where to begin? First and foremost, in order to get rid of the fear “Do I like it?” And replace it with the doubt “Will I like it?”, Which in practice will mean: if you are refused, then , the candidate did not live up to expectations, and it does not matter if you liked him or not, and what's important is that he did not suit you. In this material especially for those who are tired of online dating, we have collected tips and scripts of the first dating for beginners, middles and professional flirting.

Beginner level: make eye contact

Passive and not the most effective trick to get acquainted with men, but for shy and beginners it is just the most convenient. A minimum of embarrassment and initiative, because, as we all repeated in school, "no one forbids me to watch." All that is required of you is not just to look at each other (although you can start from this!), But to get to the moment when he catches you at what you are peeping at and still keep your eyes open or smile at him . Most likely, his actions will immediately follow such a hint. Just keep in mind that men are embarrassed to approach groups of girls, so as soon as the contact is established, try to disconnect from the company and facilitate the maneuver.

How to meet men first and is it worth it?

Beginner Level: Ask for Advice

This absolutely universal way of dating works wherever there are men and women, but better in those places that have a male thematic focus, be it a robot car wash, a moped festival, or a Czech beer bar. In such places, the man is always a connoisseur or at least knowledgeable, and you only need to politely ask for a hint in the spirit of "How does it turn on?"

Level “Medium”: ask what he eats or drinks

Here you will not be hampered by some acting skills, and a healthy feeling of hunger or thirst. Imagine that you met him at a bar or in a restaurant where you came with your girlfriends. If at this moment he orders something, ask if he liked the food or drink, and justify yourself by wanting something similar. The scenario of such an acquaintance should be easy and short, otherwise the man will seem that you insist on being treated.

How to meet men first and is it worth it?

Average level: give him a compliment

This recommendation is placed on the verge of the "Medium" and "Professional" levels, because, on the one hand, there is nothing difficult in praising someone, and on the other hand, you should be able to make compliments with taste, otherwise it will look like -It's odd. Start by looking at his clothes and trying to find a clue: an inscription on a T-shirt or a brand of professional running shoes, which will allow you to start a conversation ("I like the phrase on your T-shirt" or "A good model for training!"). And if you are in a company of common acquaintances, then try to find out what he does and give out an acquaintance for professional interest.

Level "Professional": ask his friend to introduce you

Insolent and arrogant way of dating, which is better to use if you already have experience of spontaneous flirting (well, or if you have drunk enough "for courage"). Go to his friend and directly ask you to introduce him (the “Super Professional” level - ask your friend immediately if the guy has a girlfriend so as not to try in vain). In this method there is a tricky role-playing game: you initially put yourself above the object of your interest, without leaving him the right to choose (in fact, will you choose a friend: will you acquaint or not? - and is unlikely to refuse). It's like a person on the street to ask: "Is it possible to pet your dog?" - and if they do not allow it, thank politely and leave with a smile.

How to meet men first and is it worth it?

Professional level: take a photo of it on the phone

Another bold way of dating, which in theory can cause a negative reaction (but who does not risk, he does not get acquainted with the handsome men first!). In this case, prepare an excuse that you confused him with your friend's boyfriend, and apologize. But if he is not Sean Penn, who likes to fight the paparazzi, then he will most likely react with humor and fit himself to at least ask why you need his picture.Since we are talking about the level of "Professional", you can not hesitate and immediately admit that you liked it.