How to mount a video?

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How to mount a video?

Only 10 years ago, one could only dream of installing video at home. But modern computer technology gives such an opportunity not only to professionals. Every fan will be able to mount a high-quality video clip, superimpose their own music and add video effects.

Also, thanks to special software, it will be possible to cut long videos into fragments of the required size and export individual frames as images.

What program to mount video on your home computer?

There are many different software that allows you to process video files. Some of the programs are designed for professionals and have rich features, but their use is very problematic for the average user, as it is rather difficult to understand the abundance of settings and parameters. Therefore, you should pay attention to the software, which has a simpler interface and will allow video editing without special skills:

  • Movie Maker is the most popular program that comes with Microsoft's Windows operating system. It has an intuitive interface and allows you to easily make the installation of video files of various formats. It has the ability to add various titles, titles, frame inserts and transitions between video fragments. In addition, it allows you to insert your own audio tracks. The program has a minimum of settings and is very easy to learn, it saves ready-made videos in * .wmv format. You can download the program from the official Microsoft website or by clicking on.
  • VirtualDub is a fairly simple and completely free video editing program. It works on all operating systems of the Windows family and is suitable for quick gluing or cutting video files. A distinctive feature of this software is a high speed and low load on the processor and video card of the computer. In addition, it can be used to capture video from external sources, apply filters, simultaneously process several audio tracks and trim video. The functionality of VirtualDub can be expanded by installing additional plug-ins and codecs.You can download the program as follows.
  • Avidemux is a cross-platform video editing application that is written in the C ++ programming language and has high speed. It supports work with many different file formats, so it allows you to process video immediately after downloading to a PC, without resorting to additional conversion. This software works with codecs such as Xvid, LAME, x264, Aften, etc. The program interface is quite simple, most of the actions can be performed using the mouse. Download version for Windows can be given.
  • Sony Vegas Pro - high-quality and functional software for editing and editing video files. It has quite ample opportunities and a lot of settings, which in combination with a simple and intuitive interface allow anyone to feel like a real professional in video editing. This software allows you to work with video files whose resolution is up to 4096 × 4096 pixels. In addition, the program supports many modern formats and allows you to fine-tune the sound. Sony Vegas Pro is a paid software that has a test period of 30 days. You can download it after going through this and registering on the developer’s site.

How to mount video on a computer?

Let's look at how to properly mount videos using the example of the most popular Movie Maker program:

  • The program has 4 windows: an explorer with the ability to select files, a preview window, frame-by-frame decomposition of the video and a window for file operations;
  • Click the "Operations" button, in the left window you will see all the possibilities, among which you must select "Import video";
  • To mount multiple files in one movie, you must follow all items of file operations;
  • Next, select the video files, images and music that you want to add to the video;
  • Now you need to drag the desired files from the left pane to the time scale located at the bottom of the window;
  • After that, you need to set the video fragments, photos and transition effects in the desired order by dragging them with the mouse;
  • Now you can drag an audio file to the timeline;
  • Next you can add titles or captions to the video;
  • At the last stage, you need to save your work in video format, to do this, click on "Save to computer" and set all the necessary parameters.