How to open a bar?

Today to find a cozy bar in which it would be nice to sit and drink, a glass or two of something strong, with a friend, is quite difficult. It would seem that there are so many places around, but among them there are so few really good ones. So, if you are thinking about how to open a bar - and not just a shot glass or a snack bar, but a solid bar, we will try to help you.

How to open a beer bar

Let's start with the starting capital. Here we are forced to disappoint those who think that a large amount of money is not needed for a bar business. It is necessary, yes, and, moreover, considerable - no less than 50 thousand euros or two million rubles. It is better if the money will be double, but you can start with the first amount. By the way, the benefits of maintaining a bar compared with its own restaurant are obvious: a small staff, the almost complete absence of losses associated with food storage, less equipment and facilities.

Now a few words about what to expect when opening a bar: to a place or to a target audience. The first case is preferable, since the target audience will definitely be in a good place.If you are counting on attracting specific groups of people, then you will have to be much more strict about the design of the bar, the formation of the card of drinks and dishes, and also take into account the prices in order to calculate them for this category of people. Although, I must say that you already have to do this sooner or later if you want to organize a truly successful business. Well - with the beginning it is clear, now we will list the steps that need to be taken in order for your bar to receive the first visitors.

When organizing a bar, it is very important to pay attention to some things:

  1. Choose a room suitable for organizing a bar. Best of all, if it is the first floor of a non-residential building. Also, pay attention to the quality of utilities, residual rights that you will have, like a tenant, a sufficient rental period, an affordable and safe approach to the bar.
  2. We determine the target group of visitors. Everything is important here: social status, circle of preferences, wealth of those people who will pass by your bar. And this means that you need to carefully study those who will live and work near your bar.Based on this, you need to plan the third stage.
  3. We develop the concept of the bar. Everything plays a role here: the interior, the range, the price level, the uniform of the staff, the music, even the name. Also think about how your bar will differ from others - especially from those nearby.
  4. We are planning finances. These include the cost of renting, erecting a bar counter, purchasing equipment, dishes and furniture, installing and repairing communications, and finishing rooms. Now you understand why you can not do without a solid start-up capital? And besides, we need more funds for all kinds of permits, advertising, payroll staff for the next month, the supply of drinks and food ... Desire has not disappeared? Go ahead.
  5. One of the most important stages, which is quite possible to put in the first place. This is the acquisition of at least elementary economic knowledge, without which your business will not last six months. The importance of this knowledge should not be underestimated, because when you organize financial planning, try to minimize costs, organize sales, they will be very useful to you.
  6. Motivation and discipline.Here you need to think of ways to stimulate employees (bonuses, allowances, etc.), and also think about how to ensure that employees work honestly and do not steal products and property. If this is not done, the institution will never be profitable, since it is not uncommon for a bartender to earn income that exceeds the income of a business owner.
  7. Sales organization and delegation of authority. This includes the organization of the work of the personnel, agreements with suppliers, and you need to pick the appropriate people on whom you could rely in the future. Who it will be - relatives, friends or complete strangers, is not so important. It is important how you can entrust them with the management of individual areas of your business.

As for tips on how to open a sushi bar, then, in general, the planning technique here is similar. First you need to choose a place and a target audience, and then proceed to further steps. But, in some moments, opening a good sushi bar is more difficult than a beer. So, in order to successfully compete with other similar institutions, you have to offer something cheaper, and something more noticeably better than that of competitors.In other words, such an institution must have its own "trick" in terms of the menu - one cannot go far in one situation. Well, here are the main stages, how to open a bar, we have described to you, now, as they say, things are easy - to bring it to life. Good luck and if everything works out, do not forget to invite!