How to open a leisure center

Choose the right room to suit all your needs. Requests will depend entirely on your plans: what services you plan to provide in your center. In any case, you will need several separate spacious rooms: for example, under the bar, disco, bowling center, billiard room, SPA. Since the bar is likely to require a license to trade in alcohol, the distance from children's and sports facilities, hospitals and clinics, due to the provisions of the laws of your region, is of great importance. Consider also the specific requirements for sound insulation, ventilation, fire safety and many others.
Conclude a lease of the premises of your choice, or, if possible, purchase it in the property and in the case of the acquisition register it with yourself or your company in the manner prescribed by law. To do this, you will need to contact the territorial division of Rosregistratsii with a package of necessary documents.
Engage in the repair of the premises and its conversion to the needs of the future center. It is important not to skimp on the services of designers and builders of the highest class, and when choosing materials for interior decoration to consider considerations not only of aesthetics, but also of ecology and safety.
Take the necessary licenses in parallel with the repairs. You will need at least a license to trade in alcohol in the bar. The need for the rest depends on the directions you choose and the specifics of federal and local legislation. It is possible that others will not be needed.
Purchase and install the necessary equipment. Agree on the possibility of installing it with those who will make repairs in your room. It is optimal to carry out the necessary work with the help of the same specialists or, even better, their joint efforts with equipment suppliers.
Recruit the staff of the future center, taking into account its size and the chosen areas. These parameters determine how many people and with what specialties you need to hire.
Think over the advertising strategy. For a serious entertainment center it is better to use several channels of consumer information: media, outdoor advertising,distribution of leaflets and booklets in a new place and spacing to mailboxes. Flyers that qualify for discounts can be useful. Timely inform future visitors about the soon opening, discounts and promotions that have been prepared for them (this direction will need to be considered separately). All this is guaranteed to attract visitors to you in the first days of work. Whether it will be possible to keep them and further, will depend only on you and the personnel typed by you.