How to organize a cool flash mob?

For sure, today each of us knows what this word is and what, at least approximately, it means. What can I say, everyone, if he did not take part, then at least saw with his own eyes or in the recording how the flash mob actions take place.

Bright and surprising phenomena, which are far from always amenable to logic, capture, surprise, arouse interest and the desire to understand what the participants of such a spectacle wanted to show.

You can so confess in love

From English, the concept is translated as “instant crowd” or “sudden flash of a crowd”, in fact, being a planned and pre-prepared action that is necessarily held in a public place and looks from the outside like something spontaneous, despite the fact that everything participants act on the scenario.

Flashmob is a non-standard phenomenon, which, in fact, has no historical analogues, as it is a consequence of the development of communication technologies.

The flash mob movement began after the world in 2002 became acquainted with the book of the sociologist Howard Reingold, where he quite clearly predicted the future social revolution, in his opinionPeople should soon completely switch over to communication via phones and the Internet, which, in fact, is very close to reality today.

Different ideas

How can the Internet or mobile phones be associated with scheduled promotions? Everything is very simple: it became easier to manage the crowd, it is easier to assemble, organize and monitor it with the help of convenient and fast means of communication, which is why flashmobs began to develop rapidly in recent times.

If you think that organizing a memorable and interesting flash mob is difficult and can be done only by the “great minds” of your business, then you are greatly mistaken.

In fact, it is enough to have a strong desire to do something special, yet the rest is in the hands of modern technology, basically, every city has its own flashmaker site where you can throw a "call", which quickly respond to dozens of like-minded people and want to support an interesting idea.

But, nevertheless, it should be noted that most of the coolest mass actions are not organized on special sites, but even easier - in any social networks. It is on the Internet that the mobbers (participants of the action) discuss possible ideas and options for carrying out the action, the script, place and time are also approved.

What's the point?

What is flashmob, can, and it is understandable, but for what purpose do such events take place? It is difficult to understand why a crowd of people stopped in the middle of the street and began to persistently examine the sky, attracting everyone’s attention.

Meet new people

But it takes 5-10 minutes and all the participants of the action diverge, as if nothing had happened, without even having a few words. What is the point of such productions? Interestingly, participants in such actions do not receive any money for this; this is an absolutely voluntary exercise, which, however, can be carried out with the pursuit of certain goals.

The popularity and mass character of such phenomena is completely based on ideas that are realized through such actions. Here are a few of them:

  • for fun;
  • for self-expression, having the desire to understand, "but can I do it" ?;
  • emotional discharge, often the participants of flash mobs become serious, influential and successful people who are looking for opportunities to throw out the accumulated negatives from everyday life and the accumulated worries;
  • the opportunity to acquire new friends and comrades with common goals;
  • the opportunity to feel free from the established life principles and frameworks of behavior.
  • sometimes flash mobs aim to draw public attention to some kind of acute problem or express their political views.

How to organize?

Perhaps you did not know, but it turns out that such a phenomenon even has its own system of rules, which all mobbers must adhere to. Here are a few of the most significant of them:

  • participation in scenarios is not paid;
  • the actions of the participants should not give in to any logical explanation from the side, the whole point is to keep a thin emotional edge of casual viewers. The scenario from the side may be surprising, causing a desire to unravel it, a feeling of anxiety and belonging to something special, but it should not look ridiculous;
  • all actions must be performed with a serious person (except scenarios that require the opposite);
  • passers-by should get the impression that mobbers are just random passers-by who spontaneously began to perform some actions. That is why private owners of such actions do not gather in the prescribed place in advance, do not talk among themselves, and at the end of the scenario they divergeas if nothing had happened in different directions.

The first thing that will bother you when organizing a flash mob is how to find people for such an action. In fact, this is the easiest thing in the whole organization, because participants can be anyone: from your work colleagues, to school or university friends, random strangers who are easy to find on the Internet.

It is much harder to come up with an original idea, and after that, to bring it to life. The ideal scenario should not be funny, rather, it should look mysterious, even absurd, meaningless, it all depends on the purpose for which the flashmob is created.

His popularity is growing

Once you have picked up the right people, you need to start training. If the script is simple and does not require any special skills, for example, options with fading in place for a few minutes, as if time has stopped, do not require preparation.

But more complex ideas, for example, dance, theater or vocal flash mobs must be rehearsed in advance and, the more participants, the more time it may take to stage it.

Sometimes, to arrange a really cool flash mob, you have to spend several months on preliminary training, but the result will really please you.

And finally, remember that the success of such an action directly depends on the originality of the plot, which, by the way, does not even need to be invented, why reinvent the wheel when a ton of ideas float on the Internet just like that, for free!

The main thing is to select the most interesting information from a huge amount of information and make maximum efforts to organize it.

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