How to play bowling?

Bowling is one of the most common games on the planet. How to learn to play bowling, if you play it for the first time? It is very easy to get confused when you come to the bowling club, and have no idea how to play bowling. In this article we will describe the technique of playing bowling. Consider the rules and basic concepts of bowling.

Bowling - basic concepts

The ball is the main bowling game. Bowling balls are divided by weight. It is generally accepted to measure the weight of a ball in pounds from 6 to 16, from 2.7 kg to 7.3 kg, respectively. The mass of the ball is marked on its surface, also in numbers - from 6 to 16. Professionals often make balls to order for greater convenience.

Skittles. 10 pins are used in bowling, they are lined up in a pyramid, and are also numbered from 1 to 10. The first pins are considered main.

One game in bowling consists of 10 rounds - Frames. In each frame, the player is given two attempts to send the ball. After each frame, the pins are set again. There is an exception - in the last, tenth frame, the player sends the ball three times if he misses, or knocks out a strike.At the end of the game points are calculated. The maximum number of points in bowling in one game is 300.

How do they count bowling glasses?

Scoring points in bowling is carried out depending on the size of the size. Thereby distinguish several results send ball.

  • Strike
  • Double
  • Triple (Triple)
  • Spare
  • Open frame
  • Split

Consider each one of them.

Strike is a position when all the pins get stuck in the frame with the first blow in the frame. On the counting board, a strike is indicated by an “X”. The number of points received per strike is equal to 10 + the number of shot down size for the next two sendings of the ball. Thus, the maximum number of points per frame is 30 (three strikes in a row).

Double - position when 2 strikes are knocked out in a row. Thus, by the first strike plus 10 points. The counting rules for the second strike are the same as for the first 10 + two subsequent sendings.

Triple - three alternately knocked strikes. Triple allows you to score the maximum number of points for the first strike - 30.

Spea is the position where a player knocks down all 10 pins in two sendings in a frame. Spea is denoted by the sign "/". Points are counted in this way - 10 + one following ball send.Thus, the maximum number of points for the specialty is 20, provided that the player throws out a strike with the next throw.

Open frame - a position where a player could not knock out all 10 pins in two throws. For an open frame is charged the number of points equal to the actually shot down pins.

Split - the position in which the player for two send knocks on all the pins, but only a part. Split is counted only in 2 cases:

  1. A player knocks down a headline and at least one point between one or several players, for example, between the 7th and 9th or the 3rd and 10th.
  2. A player knocks the headling and at least one size immediately before two or several standing size, for example, 5-6.

Split after the first send in the frame is indicated by "O", the number of shot down is written inside. If the player knocks out the remaining pins with a second blow, then the special position will be obtained, if not, the frame will be counted as open.

How to play bowling? Playing technique

How to hold a bowling ball?

It is very important to choose a ball by weight, so that you would be comfortable. The ball is held with the right hand if you are right handed, and with the left if you are left handed. Medium, large and ring finger enter into the corresponding holes on the ball.The hand with the ball rests against the thigh with your elbow, slightly holding the ball with your free hand. The shoulders are turned at right angles to the track. The legs are pressed together, the knees are slightly bent. So, you are ready to send the ball.

Takeoff. How to send a bowling ball?

The most difficult thing in bowling is to make the correct ball promise. On this topic "how to play bowling," there are many videos that teach the technique of the correct message. Usually novice players are advised to take four steps before throwing, after you adjust, you can add. First you need to set the distance for the run. There is a foul line on the lane, which in no case can not be intercepted, otherwise the ball will not be counted. Do not go too far, do not be afraid to stand a little closer to the line. After you acquire the appropriate skills the distance can be increased.

  • The first step is with the right foot for right-handed and left-handed for left-handed, respectively. This step should be the shortest. The free hand releases the ball. The sending hand is unbent.
  • 2nd step - the hand with the ball moves down, making a sweep. The back is slightly bent. Shoulders turn towards the sending hand.
  • 3rd step - knees and back are bending more and more. The hand with the ball reaches the end point behind the back and is ready for a message.
  • The fourth step is the longest, as you need to add a bit of slipping along the track. The hand with the ball, straining and sending the ball from behind, the forward energy from the run. Then you can relax and watch the successful cast.

I hope this article will help those who are wondering "how to play bowling correctly?". I also want to advise more practice and you will succeed! Have a good game!