How to prepare for the exam in biology

How to prepare for the exam in biologyThe Unified State Exam in biology is a serious test for any schoolchild, therefore, to successfully pass the exam requires thorough preparation. The tasks of the Unified State Exam in biology are focused on the following school subjects: botany, zoology, anatomy, general biology, cell chemistry, cytology, ontogeny, genetics, ecology, evolution, and scientists. And with all this above-mentioned list it is necessary not only to become familiar with, but to learn and thoroughly understand the terms and concepts, which are about one thousand, and also be able to solve practical tasks. Thus, if the profile subject of the university that you have chosen is biology, then you will have to work hard.

Methods of preparation for passing the exam in biology

  1. To hire a tutor in advance, who will be able to qualitatively prepare a student, both in theory and in solving practical problems
  2. A year before passing the exam, sign up for biology course for applicants.Usually these courses are organized at universities. Attending these courses will help to significantly increase the level of knowledge and practical skills.
  3. Independent preparation for the exam in biology

To choose the way to prepare for the USE on biology, we recommend you take the online tests that you will find here, as well as read and try to complete the biology of the past years that you can find here. If you easily solved 2/3 of the tasks of the past years, then you can safely proceed to self-preparation for the Unified State Examination on Biology of 2015 without recruiting tutors and additional material resources.

How to prepare for the exam in biology

How to prepare for the exam in biology on their own. Helpful Tips

For qualitative independent preparation for the USE on biology, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules that will help to pass this difficult path of self-education and pass the USE in biology with the best result:

  1. Try to ensure that such textbooks as: "Plant Biology" for the 6th grade, "Biology of Animals" for the 7th grade, "Human Biology" for the 8th grade, "General Biology" for the 10-11 class, as well as "Collection of assignments USE" and "Collection of practical tasks in biology" were available to you either in print or electronic version.How to prepare for the exam in biology
  2. Carefully examine the content of the questions and tasks that will be on the exam, then draw up a schedule of preparation. Independent training should be planned in such a way that each topic is sufficiently well developed, both in theory and in solving test problems.
  3. One of the important aspects of preparation is the obligatory record keeping. In the abstract, write down the basic terms and concepts, as well as make notes in the form of diagrams and drawings, which very well allow you to remember the material studied. After each topic, leave a few blank pages so that the outline, if necessary, it was easy to add
  4. To test your knowledge, you should check the knowledge of terms in the table of terminology in biology. If unknown terms are found, it is necessary to enter them in the free space of the abstract on the relevant topic.
  5. The next stage of preparation is the solution of the tasks of the Unified State Exam in biology on each topic.