How to prepare the skin of the foot for the summer

You will need
  • - infusion of herbs;
  • - milk;
  • - blue clay;
  • - oils of ylang-ylang, lavender, orange;
  • - cream or body milk
Before performing any procedure, the skin of the foot must be loosened with the help of steaming trays. There are many recipes for making them, but I especially want to highlight two of them. In order to properly loosen the skin, comes to the aid of a bath of infusion of herbs. Prepare the infusion can of calendula and chamomile. Such a bath has, among other things, an anti-inflammatory effect and is best applied before bedtime. If you want to make your skin velvety and soft, make a milk bath. To do this, add in a bowl of water 1 liter of warmed milk and hold the legs in it for 15-20 minutes.
After the legs are steamed, you can make a mask of blue clay. The recipe is very simple: dilute the clay with warm water and apply the mixture to the skin of the feet. When the mask is dry, wash it off with warm water.
The final stage will be moisturizing the skin.To do this, of course, you can simply apply an industrial cream, and you can prepare a nourishing cream yourself. It will be based on milk or body lotion, which must be enriched with essential oils. Best suited for this essential oil ylang-ylang, lavender and orange. Just add 2 drops of these oils to the cream, taken as a basis and apply the mixture on the feet before going to bed for a week. Believe me, the result will not take long and your skin will become soft and velvety.