How to remember only the best moments of life

Positive attitude

Surely, you yourself realize that people with a positive outlook on life are less prone to heavy memories of not the best moments in their past life. If you want to enjoy only the good moments that took place once, work on yourself.
Concentrate on the positive. Make a list of your victories and replenish it regularly. Do not give room to bad thoughts. Muffle their active perception of the surrounding reality, work or meditation. If in the past there was some kind of tragedy, protect yourself from those things that can remind you of it.
Remember often that gives you a feeling of joy, warmth, affection, pride and love. Try to reproduce your feelings from the past as close as possible. Review photos from your travels, look at your own children's pictures.
If you are visited by some unpleasant thought about your past, immediately find her an antidote.Defeat her with some kind of positive, joyful memory. When a mistake that you made a few years ago reminded you of yourself, think about your achievement, which took place around the same period of life.
Remember that people are not definitely bad or good. And their actions, too, are different, as are the events that occur with individuals. It’s up to you to decide what memories you will live with.

Order in life

Think what prevents you now from enjoying life. Maybe you have some problems. Then you need to deal with them. If you can’t do anything, let go of the situation and focus on something else. When you are unhappy with the reality around you, your mind can exacerbate the situation and give you not the most pleasant memories, as if proving that life has failed.
Therefore, it is important to clean up your life. Then you will remember less bad things. Everything will be ok. A look at past mistakes will change. After all, you will see that all the events that took place in the past, as a result, led to a positive result.

Attitude to yourself

It is also important how you feel about yourself. If you love, respect, appreciate yourself and believe in your own strength, you can easily forgive yourself for misconduct in the past. You will not torment yourself with unpleasant thoughts and will only enjoy the best moments of your life.
People who are not good enough to themselves, tend to hit in self-pity. With some kind of masochistic satisfaction, they again and again mentally experience the painful moments that took place in the past. No such good thing can not lead to anything. On the contrary, it is necessary to strengthen your will, to be above the circumstances and to feel confident that you can cope with almost any calamity. Think of yourself as a strong personality, and the desire to remember the bad will go away.