How to remove the glove box at Mazda (Mazda)

How to remove the glove box on the Mazda (Mazda) photoRemove the glove box at Mazda

Sometimes Masda owners have situations when it is necessary to remove the glove box, but not every driver knows how to do this, because the glove box is attached with several screws that are not immediately noticeable. Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to remove the glove compartment on Mazda.


Remove the glove box at Mazda



If you want to remove the glove compartment on Mazda, follow a few simple steps.


Find the space between the right door of your car and the panel. It will be available only if you open the door, preferably completely. Now carefully remove the plate (you will hear a characteristic click). If you can not open the plate by hand, use a flat-blade screwdriver. Once you remove it, you will see 2 screws that need to be unscrewed.


After you perform all the above operations, open the Mazda glove box itself. In it you will see the screws, unscrew them. All these actions are elementary, you should not have problems with their implementation.


So, you have done several consecutive steps, unscrewed 4 screws. Now the panel with the glove box has been released a little, and you have the opportunity to climb your hand deeper. This design is all mounted on the same latch. Carefully unlatch it with a little physical effort. After that, remove the glove box lid.


To do this, pull it slightly to the right and then down. Now the removal of the glove box is the last, but the most difficult action. Loosen the hard-to-reach screw. If you look directly, you will not see it, because the screw head is pointing down, and the screw itself is not visible at first sight. To unscrew this screw, first get under the panel itself and look at it from the bottom up. Now that you have seen this screw, unscrew it. So, the lock of the glove box will be clicked off, all the screws are removed, and you have the opportunity to remove the glove compartment.


Useful tips when removing the glove box from Mazda:


If you decide to remove the glove compartment by yourself, be careful. Do not damage the thread in which the screws are screwed. Unscrew the screws smoothly, do not turn them. Carefully remove the plate without damaging it.


Do not start to unscrew the glove box on the Mazda when the battery is on.It threatens that the airbag can automatically operate in the car.