How to salt boletus for the winter - photo salting recipes

How to salt boletus for the winter - photo salting recipes

How to salt boletus for the winter - photo salting recipes

When the colorful leaves rustle under the feet and the forest air is filled with the aroma of the last rain, avid mushroom pickers rejoice in the appearance of butter, mushroom and champignon.


The most delicious, in our opinion, boilers, because they are ideal for salting for the winter. For this, young mushrooms are more suitable, with a cap not more than four centimeters, old mushrooms very often are wormy and coarse in taste. Maslata grow together in a sunny meadow, that is, next to each other, and if you come across such a place, we are sure that you collect a lot of mushrooms.


The most delicious salty oils, they will be useful in winter for salad, meat dishes, and snacks. Salt oil is best done in glass and ceramic dishes or in wooden barrels, which must be stored in a cool cellar.


Preparation of mushrooms for salting


Before proceeding to the winter stocks, it is necessary to carefully sort the collected mushrooms, because they can get spoiled, wormy or inedible (if the mushrooms were collected by the whole family).After you make sure that you get rid of wormy oil, and you have only good mushrooms, they need to be thoroughly washed and cleaned of any contaminants (this could be sand, leaves or conifer needles).


Then, with a sharply sharpened knife, it is necessary to remove the thin skin from the cap and cut off a part of the leg in each mushroom, and then wash them again. If you have large masta, then they should be cut in half or into quarters.




Here's what you need to have for high-quality salting our mushrooms:

  • mushrooms;
  • black currant leaves;
  • Bay leaf;
  • salt;
  • dill;
  • black pepper peas;
  • carnation


How to salt boletus for the winter - photo salting recipes


If you have all the necessary ingredients, it's time to salt our boilers. It is better to cook the pickled mushrooms in an enamel saucepan, but in no case in aluminum, since this metal is oxidized.


In a clean pan, pour the right amount of water and put salt in it, and then put it on the heat. When you notice that the water begins to seethe, put oil in it and cook for 25 minutes over medium heat, stirring occasionally with a slotted spoon or a long spoon so that the mushrooms do not stick to the bottom of the pan and do not burn.
During boiling, carefully remove the formed foam, and then add all the spices and spices that you should have prepared and rinsed under running water.


How to understand when maslata are ready? The answer to this question is very simple, when the mushrooms begin to settle on the bottom of the pan, and the brine will acquire transparency, then it is time to remove them from the fire.


Now you have to wait until the butter and brine cool down, so cover the dishes and leave it for about 2-3 hours, this time is enough for cooling. Salted mushrooms should be cooled at room temperature, during this period all the ingredients will make good friends with each other, and the pickled mushrooms will incorporate the whole aroma of spices and spices. If you have exactly observed all the proportions that we advised you, then the ratio of oil and brine should be about 5: 1.


How to salt boletus for the winter - photo salting recipes


In pre-cooked jars or pots, place the cooled salting and cover it well. Now it's time to send the salted oil to a cool cellar, where they will be stored afterwards, before you get to your table.In the basement, mushrooms must be salted for at least 50-55 days before you want to eat them.