How to screw a screw

Take the usual Phillips screwdriver and tightly pressed the screw to the wall, start gradually twist it. If the screw went unevenly, take all the actions done in the reverse order. Then try again to screw it into the material.Self tapping screws�well cut into iron, wood and other materials.
When you need to screw a lot of screws, it is easier to use a screwdriver or a drill with a bat. Attach the screw to the intended place and screw it in with the device, but observe: if the screw does not cut into the material badly, it may break. If this happens, turn back and try to unscrew the screw. If there is a piece of metal in the wall, you will have to screw the next screw into another place.
If you need to screw a screw into a dense and thick metal or wood, first make a hole with a drill, but it should be a smaller diameter than a screw. Screw it with a conventional screwdriver, screwdriver or drill. If you drill a large hole, the screw can one day fall out of the nest, leading to the collapse of your favorite painting, decorative plate or something else.The diameter of the drill should be 1-2 mm smaller than the diameter of the screw.