How to send SMS to mobile?

August 2, 2014
How to send SMS to mobile?

There are times when you need to send an urgent message to a person who is not answering a phone call at the moment. An excellent way is to send an SMS to the mobile phone of this person, that is, to send a short text message.

How to send SMS to mobile from mobile

  1. On the screen of your phone you need to find the word "Menu". Directly below it is a button, pressing which will take you to this very menu.
  2. Now look at the buttons of the mobile, locate the cursor, that is, the down, up, left and right arrows. By clicking on them, you move through the menu items and select one of them. You need an item labeled "Messages" or with an envelope icon. After selecting it, press the button under the word "OK" or the button in the middle of the cursor (arrows).
  3. Here is the next menu with options: "Write message" ("New message"), "Inbox", "Outgoing", etc. Again, use the cursor to select the item "Write a message", click on it.
  4. Now you are in the form of creating a new SMS.You see two windows: where to enter the text of the message and where to indicate the number of the addressee. Enter text by pressing the phone buttons. Each button with a number corresponds to a letter. Pressing the button once, you write the first letter from the indicated ones, by quickly pressing twice the second letter. The space, as a rule, is set using the button with zero.
  5. To send SMS to a mobile number, you must specify the recipient. In the remaining window with the inscription "To" dial the phone number of the person to whom your SMS is addressed, starting with +7 **********. You can select a recipient from the contact list by clicking on the appropriate button under the word "Contacts".
  6. It remains to press the button under the caption "Send" and your SMS has gone.