How to shrink the ring?

How often men are mistaken with the size of the ring for his girlfriend! At the same time, they are sincerely sure that they have chosen the size correctly, and they are greatly offended when the girl does not wear a gift, although in fact, you just need to carry out such a simple procedure how to reduce the ring.

Reducing the ring in the workshop

Many are wondering whether it is possible to reduce a ring with an uneven rim, inlays or spraying. In fact, it is possible, but the reduction technology will then be different than the reduction of a smooth ring.

If you do not know where to reduce the ring and do not know how to reduce the ring at home, then you need to contact the jewelry workshop. There are a lot of those now, especially since many large jewelry stores have their own workshops and are ready to reduce the ring for free to their customers.

So, first you need to decide on the correct size of your finger, on which you want to wear a smaller ring. To measure a finger, it is enough to try several different rings in a jewelry store.They need to be measured only in the normal state of the hands, that is, not on the swollen fingers.

Once you have decided on the desired size, it's time to choose a workshop. It is advisable to use the advice of friends, especially if you need to give a very expensive ring to reduce. You should ask the jeweler how much a reduction will cost, what technology for this he will use and when it is possible to pick up the product. If the master draws time, he delays, then it is quite likely that he is thinking up a plan on how to replace the stone on the ring imperceptibly with a piece of glass, or something like that.

If the desired size is not much different from the existing one, then in the workshop you can reduce the size of the ring using the usual compression method. Then the weight of the product does not change. If you need to greatly reduce the size, then the jeweler has to cut off a little ring rim, which changes the weight. The jeweler's honesty also determines his desire to give you the rest of the metal, which will be superfluous after the reduction.

Reducing the ring at home

If the ring is just a little too big, then you can reduce the ring at home.It all depends on what material the product is made of. For example, high-quality jewelry can be gently pressed with your fingers on the rim from all sides. Then the size will decrease slightly. The disadvantage of this method is the appearance of irregularities on the rim, but what the girl is just not willing to sacrifice, just to put on a beautiful bauble! Silver is also quite flexible metal, so you can also try to press it. As for gold, here you can do in two ways. On the one hand, the gold ring can be strongly heated, then put on the finger and also try to press on all sides - then it will be easier to resist deformation. If you are afraid of the appearance of strong irregularities, then just wrap the ring in polyethylene and put it in the freezer for several days. For many sizes, the ring will not decrease, but half the size of the difference is guaranteed.