How to start promoting the online store brand?

How to start promoting the online store brand? It is necessary to raise brand awareness as quickly as possible, have any ideas, maybe via the Internet?
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It is the brand or the site itself, the generation of leads? If the second, then only correctly configured contextual advertising in Google or Yandex. Maybe even targeted advertising in the social. networks. If, nevertheless, we are talking exclusively about brand promotion, then there are plenty of methods, for example, you can order a viral commercial - and turn this video as an advertisement in all possible online cinemas, let it run on TV. This method in my opinion in our modern time with you, is very effective in promoting the brand. However, it will cost all of this, especially if it is also started up through federal channels, in a rather large amount of money)
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I can recommend some great guys.who know their business in Airi, there is a seo, excellent programs .. and everything else to promote your website, should go to the top very quickly. In a month I had twice the subscribers than expected and sales really increased. I hope everything will only go up. just leave the link, although I usually do not do that, you can see for yourself.
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I can advise Airi, I do not advise then. when I do not personally try it myself .. everything is from seo, various programs .. excellent masters, in my opinion, who do an excellent job. just after a month my subscribers increased many times more than expected and, accordingly, popularity and sales. I hope in the future only for development and will be further until nei address
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Valra bivau
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Viral advertising, it is desirable that this would be a video, of course, if the budget is allowed. And so - hire marketers, specialists in this field, only after analyzing your website, brand and other things, they will be able to offer effective methods of brand promotion.