How to start repairing

Repair is a difficult, time-consuming task, many people compare it with a natural disaster. If you decide to start an apartment renovation, a lot of questions immediately appear. How to start repair? Do it yourself or confide in professionals? How to pick up materials?

First of all, you need to calculate the costs in detail and make an estimate. It is better, of course, to entrust the repair of an apartment to professionals - this not only guarantees correct and high-quality work, but also saves your nerves, and in some moments also money.

Then you need to buy the necessary materials. It is also better to entrust the executing organizations, as they are responsible for the quality of materials and arrange delivery and provide a guarantee on the work done. In addition, almost all construction companies expose wholesale prices for materials, and this is a significant savings.

After the cost estimate has been made and materials purchased, it is necessary to decide where to start repairing the apartment.Traditionally, the first are the dirtiest works, such as replacing windows and doors, dismantling old partitions, removing the old coating from walls, ceilings and floors. Such work must be performed first of all in order not to spoil it with dust and dirt, for example, freshly whitewashed ceilings or wallpaper only glued.

The next stage of repair is wiring, especially if you are doing repairs in an old apartment. Consider in advance the location of sockets and switches. The same applies to telephone and television cables.

After laying the wiring comes the turn of painting work. It takes a lot of time, because each layer of plaster must be completely dry. Therefore, such work is conveniently carried out in parallel in several rooms.

In parallel with painting work, as a rule, work is performed in the bathroom, toilet and in the kitchen - if necessary, completely replace the pipes, in accordance with a pre-planned plumbing layout, radiator mounted brackets and cranes. Only after that they begin to level the walls and lay the tiles.

Next - floor screed. From the material to be performed the floor screed curls not only the quality, but also the drying time. So a simple cement-sand mixture dries up to 40 days, and self-leveling floor - just 15 days.

After that, you can install door frames, only you need to take into account the thickness of the planned flooring. And in parallel with these works put the tile on the floor and paint the ceilings.

If you plan to lay parquet in the room, then the wallpaper will be glued first. In the event that you use piece parquet, then it is first stacked, crocheted and varnished, after gluing the wallpaper and varnishing the parquet again.

In this apartment repair actually ends - it remains to install switches and sockets, skirting boards, platbands, cornices, and enjoy an updated interior.

Good luck with repairs!