How to stop menstruation?

Every woman knows what is monthly. Not everyone is happy every month to experience abdominal pain, bad mood and general weakness - all these symptoms often accompany the menstruation itself. Monthly take about 8 years of comfortable life of a woman of childbearing age. During this period, it is undesirable to have sex, go to a fitness club, swim in the sea or pool, get strong physical exertion (this can cause the development of endometriosis). Sometimes her period comes at the wrong time. For example, if you are going to enjoy a well-deserved rest on the sea, then monthly periods, as luck would have it. Or beloved husband is going to come for a couple of days from a long business trip and then go back. And you have not taken the time to start bleeding, and instead of enjoying sexual intimacy, you sit on the couch with an acidic mine (in this case, we can recommend using alternative sex options, for example, anal). In such situations, many women wonder: how to stop menstruation? And can this be done at all? Let's try together to sort out this issue.

How to stop the monthly - ways

How to quickly stop the monthly? How to stop the monthly for the day? The answer to the question: no way. Make it impossible, and not necessary. Categorically we do not recommend you to drink hemostatic and blood-thickening drugs, as well as various decoctions and infusions. You may stop the blood, but health problems will not be long in coming. Do you need it? Take care of your health and wait a few days before the end of menstruation. If your sexual partner requires you to immediately stop the bleeding, in order to have sex, then send him to hell - because he does not protect your health.

Nevertheless, there are some safe ways to reduce bleeding during menstruation. How to stop bleeding during menstruation or make it shorter?

  • Lead an active lifestyle, exercise, fitness. In the body of a girl who regularly receives physical exertion, the process of rejection of the endometrium occurs faster. A few days before menstruation, you can do exercises with raising the pelvis up: for example, birch. However, during menstruation you should not overload your body - a strong load can lead to the occurrence of the disease. Exercise on the rest of the cycle.
  • An active sex life will help strengthen the body in the same way as sports. Orgasm also struggles with stress, relieves physical and emotional stress.
  • Take vitamin E - it regulates ovarian function. If you work a lot and do not sleep much, take vitamins and dietary supplements with chromium, zinc, magnesium, and B vitamins.
  • In a girl who takes hormonal contraceptives, her period is short and scanty. Hormonal contraceptives have their contraindications, so well weigh the pros and cons before you start taking them.
  • Do not abuse diets - they make the monthly longer. Do not use antidepressants.
  • Mint and raspberry tea will help you to shorten the period of bleeding.

All these recommendations are suitable for girls who have regular periods lasting 3-5 days. Sometimes women are faced with a problem when menstruation is delayed, lasting from a week to 10 days, or even more. This is a prolonged bleeding. Of course, in such a situation, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist, who will give you a referral to an ultrasound. The cause of prolonged bleeding can be diseases and pathological conditions: uterus polyps, severe stress, hormonal disorders, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, bleeding disorders, etc.How to stop heavy periods? In addition to going to the doctor, you can take askorutin, which contains vitamin C.

Now you know several ways to stop bleeding during menstruation. Remember that by self-diagnosis and self-treatment, you can significantly aggravate your disease. Therefore, take care of your health!