How to store cosmetics?

The expiration date and the actual storage date, as it turned out, is not the same for beauty products. And here it’s not at all in the global conspiracy of manufacturers, but in the proper storage and use of these very products. We tell you how much and how to properly store your favorite cosmetics.

Cosmetics for care

Makeup remover and wash

How to store cosmetics?

This category includes tonic, milk, micellar water, lotion, foam, gel and other means that are used for removing makeup and washing.

Storage:in a dark place in a closed closet in the bathroom. Be sure that water does not get into the jar, otherwise the texture of the tool will change, and its texture and properties will change with it.

Shelf life:The date indicated on the package is the shelf life of the product prior to its use. As soon as the product is opened and started to use it, the period is reduced by several times. Such funds are stored for 12 months, if the consistency is homogeneous, and for 6–9 months, if the consistency is two-phase.

Remedies for the skin around the eyes

How to store cosmetics?

Since the skin in the area around the eyes is very thin, delicate and sensitive, manufacturers do not strongly experiment with the addition of preservatives, and it is not worth expecting that the product will last for three years. Everything is much more modest.

Storage:Manufacturers strongly recommend to store such cosmetics in the refrigerator, with the lid tightly closed, so that the product does not absorb all the gastronomic flavors. The ideal temperature is not below +5 degrees. Moreover, chilled creams, fluids and emulsions for the area around the eyes pleasantly cool the skin, help relieve swelling and get rid of bruises. It is even better if you make yourself a special refrigerator for storing cosmetics, where the temperature is kept at +12 degrees and which is additionally covered inside with an antibacterial composition. Here, cosmetics will not be in contact with food, which means that it will last much longer.

Shelf life:Cosmetics are stored for the skin around the eyes from 6 to 12 months, and more accurate information can be found on the label - just look at the picture with an open jar, where the optimal period is indicated.

Facial and body products

How to store cosmetics?

These can include masks, creams, oils, lotions, fluids, whey and other cosmetic products that have moisturizing, nourishing and rejuvenating properties. As a rule, these products contain saturated fatty acids, which are oxidized at elevated temperatures, which significantly affects the consistency, smell and properties of cosmetics.

Storage:Cosmetics for face and body can not be stored on the shelves in the bathroom, or in the refrigerator. Increased humidity, exposure to light and interaction with food will not have the best effect on these products. The best option would be the already mentioned refrigerator for cosmetics. Also a great way to store a locker in the bedroom. Storage temperature should be maintained within the range of +5 to +25 degrees, while monitoring the level of humidity and the density of the closing jars. Never throw away the plastic circle under the cover - it protects the agent from pathogens, dust and oxygen.

Shelf life:Standard manufacturers determine the shelf life of 3 years, but this is up to the time of using the toolAs soon as the bank was open - from 6 to 12 months. Note that if you feel a sour or rancid smell, the consistency has become layered or has changed color, the tool can not be used in any case, even if the expiration date has not yet expired.

Fabric masks, hydrogel products and patches

How to store cosmetics?

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Storage:beautifully stored on the dresser or in the drawer, but it’s best to put them in the fridge. And not in cosmetic, but usual. The packaging of these products is more than reliable, no smells are not terrible. In addition, a bonus to their main action, you get the effect of cryotherapy - cooling, stimulation of blood vessels, face lift and improve skin color.

Shelf life:listed on the package and can even reach 3 years.


How to store cosmetics?

These include milk, cream and various fluids with an SPF factor that reliably protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Storage:in tightly closed packaging in a dry and dark place. Pay attention when buying sunscreen on packaging - it should be opaque.In addition, make sure that water, sand and insects do not creep onto the lid and inside the tube - all this provokes the reproduction of microorganisms, because of which the agent can deteriorate before the expiration date.

Shelf life:up to 2 years. If suddenly you left your sunscreen on the beach, in direct sunlight, it is better to throw it away at the end of the holiday season. We have already told you about oxidation, we will not repeat it.

Soap supplies

How to store cosmetics?

We are talking about shampoos, shower gels, all kinds of scrubs, soaps, gommash, intimate hygiene products and other cosmetics that help us keep our hair and body clean.

Storage:in a tightly closed and opaque tube. These cosmetic products can be stored in the bathroom. It would be strange if the manufacturers did not take care of this.

Shelf life:after opening the package, these detergents can be stored for as long as 3 years, and some of them “live” very well for 5 years. Only in this there is no need: many of us wash our hair every day or every other day, take a shower in the same way, therefore the “bath” cosmetics ends much earlier than its expiration date.But if you notice that the smell, consistency or color of the product has changed and the tube is swollen, this is an excuse to send the product to the trash can and not risk your health.

Decorative cosmetics


How to store cosmetics?

Storage:in a cosmetic bag or beauty box, in tightly closed packaging and at room temperature, away from batteries. Moisture and frost mascara does not like.

Shelf life:maximum 4 months. It is unlikely to work anymore, since the mascara dries out rather quickly, and it cannot be diluted - it loses its properties. If you see that in a month the mascara began to go unevenly, got a sour smell and withered - it's time to throw it away and buy a new one. Delay with the replacement is not necessary, otherwise the inflammation and eye irritation provided.


How to store cosmetics?

Storage:in a cosmetic bag or beauty box, in a tightly closed tube, at room temperature and normal humidity.

Shelf life:up to 6 months. This is the maximum shelf life, after this time the liner dries out and stops lying evenly. If the eyeliner is in the form of a marker or pen, it is stored for only 3 months.

Lipstick and lip gloss

How to store cosmetics?

Storage:since essential oils and vegetable oils are included in this decorative cosmetics, lip products should be stored in dark and cool places at temperatures not higher than +17 degrees. Perfect all the same special refrigerator, which we mentioned earlier. Sunlight and heat - the main enemy of lipstick. It begins to flow and release toxic substances, which will negatively affect the condition of your lips and your health. Try not to leave lip gloss and lipstick with an open lid - oxygen changes their consistency and properties. Teach yourself to apply lipstick with a special brush - so it will settle fewer bacteria, and it will last you longer.

Shelf life:up to 12 months, although some manufacturers claim that lipstick and lip gloss can be stored all 3 years, but this is hard to believe. Do not use lipstick, if she had a specific smell or bloom, she melted, acquired an oily texture and became bitter in taste.

Eyeliner and lip liner

How to store cosmetics?

Storage:dark cool place without high humidity and direct sunlight. Beauty fridge is perfect.

Shelf life:up to 12 months.Pencils for the eyes and lips are very cunning "guys". They do not show their changes, do not flow, do not change color, the smell does not appear either. To note that the funds have ceased to be usable, it is possible only when irritation and rash appear on the skin. So remember the start date of using pencils and count down 1 year.


How to store cosmetics?

Storage:in tightly closed packaging, in a dark place without changes in temperature and high humidity. The refrigerator does not fit, it's better to make a cosmetic bag or beauty box. Do not pick up the shadow with your fingers, even those that are intended for finger application - a special applicator is much more reliable and hygienic.

Shelf life:up to 5 years. Long shelf life is ensured by adding preservatives and antibacterial agents in the shade. Most often, talc is used for the base, which has the property of killing germs. Many manufacturers generally can not accurately define the shelf life of the shadows and call this product indefinite. Cream eye shadow serve only 1 year. It is necessary to get rid of the cosmetic product immediately, as it has changed its properties - it began to crumble, lie down in lumps, changed color and smell.


How to store cosmetics?

Storage:in a tightly closed box, in a dark place, away from heat and moisture. If sponge or powder puff is stored with the powder, wrap them in polyethylene or put them in a special plastic bag.

Shelf life:Once you have opened the package, the powder is stored for 12–18 months. If the composition of the cosmetic is talc, the period is increased to 36 months. Mineral powder is generally indefinite - you can use it until it ends. Pay attention: if the powder changed color, a patina appeared on it, it acquired an unpleasant smell, it became damp, hardened, began to shade poorly, it was unevenly applied and quickly crumble off - this is the reason to buy a new tool.


How to store cosmetics?

Storage:on a dressing table, in a cosmetics bag or a beauty box - dry blush is unpretentious, as well as in a special refrigerator, if the blush is liquid. The only thing that these cosmetic products do not like is sudden temperature changes. To extend the service life, dial the blush with a brush or a powder puff, do not climb into a tube with your fingers.

Shelf life:dry and crumbly - up to 3 years, liquid and oily - up to 12 months.As soon as the rouge (any) had an unpleasant smell, they became damp and put on badly, this indicates their further unsuitability. Throw them out and buy new ones so as not to provoke the appearance of allergic reactions.

Foundation, primer, proofreader

How to store cosmetics?

Storage:in a tightly closed tube, in a dark and cool place where direct sunlight does not fall and where there is no high humidity. To ensure that the funds last longer, keep the bottles clean. Periodically clean the neck with a sterile cotton swab and minimize the contact of the jars with your fingers, pick up products with a spatula or spoon - this will help to avoid the ingress of microbes.

Shelf life:up to 6 months from the date of first use. At the end of this time, the texture changes, their effectiveness worsens, they begin to clog pores and provoke the appearance of acne. Although some manufacturers say that you can safely use the foundation, corrector and primer for 2 years, we do not recommend it: microbes do not sleep!

Nail polish

How to store cosmetics?

Storage:in a tightly closed flacon, at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Before closing a varnish, many manufacturers advise to blow in a jar: carbon dioxide displaces oxygen, and the service life is extended. Do not even think to put the varnish in the refrigerator - it will become too liquid. On the other hand, you can try to reanimate the thickened coating for nails.

Shelf life:up to 1.5 years. After this period, the varnish dries, thickens, lumps and goes faster from the nails. If you use a varnish after the expiration date, nothing will happen, however, it is quite problematic to make up your nails with a thickened and dried out product. It is possible to part dried up means only special liquid. Do not use acetone or nail polish remover for resuscitating nail polish - this is harmful for nail plates.


How to store cosmetics?

Storage:in a dark place at a temperature of +15 to +25 degrees. Hide toilet water from direct sunlight and do not allow a sharp temperature drop. Humidity for the storage of perfume does not affect.

Shelf life:up to 10 years. This period is explained by the presence of alcohol in the perfumery, which has antiseptic properties.As soon as you notice a whitish precipitate at the bottom of the bottle, grains or oily traces, you should get rid of the perfume.

General recommendations

  • Wash your sponges, beauty blenders and brushes to apply makeup at least once a week.
  • The neck or the dispenser must necessarily be cleaned of the remnants of the funds before taking a new portion.
  • Twist each jar and tube tightly to avoid microbes, dust, dirt and oxygen, which can cause the spread of bacteria and the oxidation of agents.
  • Do not use makeup for more than a year and a half - the exception is only mineral, which does not spoil at all.
  • Do not dilute dried cosmetics with water and other liquid products - this may cause irreversible chemical reactions.
  • Do not mix the remains of different products in the same bottle, even if they are the same manufacturer.
  • Regularly conduct the revision of the cosmetic bag and watch the expiry date of the beauty products.
  • Do not leave cosmetics in the sun (in direct sunlight).
  • Do not store cosmetics in the bathroom, except for shampoo, soap and other "bath" products.
  • Not sparingly throw away even expensive cosmetics, which has expired.
  • When applying the cream on the skin, use a special spatula or spatula.
  • The ideal place for all cosmetics is a dark cupboard in the bedroom, where there are no moisture drops, and the temperature varies from +10 to +25 degrees.
  • Do not buy cosmetics in large packages, especially if you are sure that you will not have time to use it before the expiration date.