How to teach a child letters?

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How to teach a child letters?

Nowadays, parents are trying as early as possible to teach their children to write, count, read, speak a foreign language, dance, draw, sing and do many other things. Everyone has long known the fact that the earlier a child begins his development, the more successful he will be among other children. Often, children begin to learn from three to four years, and by the age of seven lose interest in the learning process. But what to do? To prevent this from happening to your child, the learning process must go unnoticed, in a game or in naturally-organized cognitive activity. Thus, your child will not get tired of studying at the beginning of school life, he will learn and learn much more than in academic classes. It is not necessary to give your child to preschool educational institutions. You can organize your child’s development process yourself by learning some effective techniques and using your imagination. In this article you will find original and at the same time effective techniques to teach a child letters.

If you still do not know how to teach a child letters, then use the recommendations of experienced teachers. In order for the child to remember something, you need to use as many sensory channels as possible and come up with as many different approaches as you can to memorize letters. Following further recommendations, you will find the answer to two questions: how to teach your child how to speak letters and how to teach your child to write letters. To get started, buy and hang up the alphabet at home: in many bookstores you can buy colorful posters with the image of letters. The child will look, and the letters will gradually be deposited in his memory. Next, prepare a recipe, or write a letter yourself in pencil on a piece of paper so that the child could start by circling the letters and then try to write on his own. A prerequisite - the baby must pronounce the letters that he writes. Show him pictures of animals, various objects, toys, starting with the letter that the baby records and pronounces. In addition, you can make letters from plastic, plasticine or just cut letters from cardboard.The child remembers the shape of the letters, touching the figures and pronounces aloud. When a child more or less remembers the letters, you can play: the child closes his eyes, and you put a letter in his hand, he feels it and says it. You can use this exercise: you write a letter with your finger on the back of the baby. He must also guess the letter, then he will write it on your back, thus he will remember the spelling of letters, and the game will be more interesting. Next, you need to change the sensory channel and do the following exercise: put three to five cards with the image of letters and name one of them, the child should show you the one you called. Or you can name not a letter, but a whole word, then the child will need to find the letter on which it begins. Moreover, children love to search for something. Ask your child to find any letter in the room: he will run around excitedly and look for the letter you said. If you study not with one child, but with at least two, then this occupation will be much more fun.

If you are faced with the problem of pronouncing sounds and do not know how to teach a child to pronounce letters, then you need to force the child as often as possible and under various pretexts to pronounce and improve the pronunciation of sounds.Many parents are tormented by the question of how to teach a child the letter "p." In this case, you need to know that many children have problems with this sound, as they learn it later than others. However, if you do not see progress towards this age period, then you should contact a specialist - speech therapist. In childhood, it is not too late to rectify the situation, and if you do not seek help from a specialist, the child will grow up with a speech defect that will spoil his future life, since it is almost impossible for adults to learn to pronounce the sound "p."

On the Internet, there are many stories about how to teach a child letters, videos of which you can find without problems. If you still do not understand how to properly teach a child letters, then the visual recommendations of teachers on video clips will help you to do this.

So, armed with these recommendations, as well as materials for the manufacture of letters, you can give the child the joy of discovery! Using these methods, as well as their variations, which your imagination will give you, you will develop in your child not only the ability to write and speak letters, but also a positive attitude to the learning process, which is very important when working with children.