How to tell a child what sex is?

How to tell a child what sex is

How to tell a child what sex is

Each child will eventually ask questions about sex. He will be interested to know how he appeared, what those organs signify and much more. You must take into account the awareness of modern children and be able to correctly explain everything to a child, so that nothing will disturb his perception of the world. Even if you do not want to hold such a conversation, then he will definitely find out about it from friends, and you understand that perfectly. It is better to still explain the child himself.



What is sex?

To feel free to answer the child to such a question, you must first ask him yourself. For most adults and children, this means only sexual intercourse. But in reality this is only part of the sexual relationship. Sex is a relationship between the sexes, in other words, it is a close relationship between men and women. The main goal of such relationships is procreation, but sex is not only used in modern society. Because the meaning of this word is very unwise to compare only with sexual intercourse.


Acquaintance with your own body will make the child think about sex. Children from the very beginning begin to be interested in such a question. If a child compares his anatomy with the anatomy of a child of the other sex, then he will have even more questions about this. They will be able to ask the question: “Why do we have everything so different?” Never forbid your child to examine his body. Let him get acquainted with the body, for example while swimming. Try to acquaint the child not only with his private parts. Do everything carefully and in moderation.


What if the child asks where he came from?



This preschool question is often asked by children to their parents. And, however, to explain to the child what sex is, you must answer a few questions that will be associated with the appearance of the kids. Perhaps the age of 6-7 years old, children are most interested in the side of sex, as a sexual act between a man and a woman. No need to tell tales of cabbage or birds. If you do not want to lie to your child, who nevertheless learns the truth from friends, then it is better to tell the whole truth yourself. Tell me why my mother grows tummy and where does he go then? Therefore, try to say everything as accurately and plausibly as possible.You can say in this spirit: “Dad loves Mom very much, once he saw her, and he liked her. He embraced her and began to kiss, then pressed closer and closer. He loves your mother so much that you have come from this love. At first you were small, as small as a seed, then you grew up under the care and love of mom and dad. When you were cramped, you asked to come out to see this white light with your small eyes. "
It will be ideal for the baby. He must understand everything gently, without disturbing his psyche. Therefore, try to make a story, as if telling a fairy tale. Try to say where the child came from, if he asks. Do not lie.
There are special children's books about sex. They are very competently and accurately painted. Such an acquisition will help you properly tell your child about sexual relationships. Try to trust your child, even if he trusts you. Treat your child with understanding and love. Then he will know that parents can be trusted with any questions.