How to tie big scarves

Use a large scarf as a bright belt or sash. To do this, fold it in half or four times (the width of the belt depends on the height and your taste) and wrap around the waist. Pin or tie a beautiful knot. Remember that in this case it is worth avoiding bright sweaters or trousers, it is better if they are solid and dark colors. If you are not using a colorful scarf, you can add colors in the main dress.
Turn the scarf into an elegant blouse. Smash the center of the shawl (or sew) and place it on the chest, fastened with a part to the body. Flip the edges of the scarf back and tie them up: the bottom at the waist, the top at the neck.
Create a skirt from a large scarf. This creative outfit is literally done in two movements: Fasten one end of the scarf at the hip and wrap the shawl around the waist. If you are confused by the size of the cut, use the second scarf and wrap it, securing it on the opposite side.
Use different accessories: simple pins can be replaced with original brooches or hairpins. If there is time, sew the ends of the scarf with bright threads.Perky and funny outfit will turn out, if you fasten a handkerchief with a funny icon.
Wrap a large scarf around your shoulders and fasten its ends to your chest. This is a real element of the evening dress, appropriate even in the theater. In addition, he visually makes the girl more fragile, giving her image sophistication and sophistication.
Protect your head from the scorching sun by making a bandanna or similar headpiece from a wide scarf. Turn the scarf into a triangle and cover the head so that the top of the triangle is at the base of the neck, and pick up the other two. Claim them on top of the third.