How to understand people?

In our environment there are a sufficient number of people with whom we communicate and on whom we depend in one way or another. We carefully study the character, habits, evaluate the actions of these people. How to understand people - our article will prompt.


At the first meeting, we evaluate the appearance of a person. It takes a few seconds to understand whether a person is pleasant or not. This action takes place on an unconscious level. But sometimes we make mistakes, so it is important to evaluate the visual appearance in conjunction with other factors.

Pay attention to your gait and posture: a self-confident person walks with a straight back and a measured step, while an anxious or insecure person is hunched, mincing or stumbling.

It is important to evaluate the view of a person. No wonder they say: "The eyes are the mirror of the soul of man." You can read a lot about them. A person with a strong character will look at the interlocutor directly in the eyes. If he cannot concentrate on you, then most likely he has something to hide.


Agree that with one person we communicate easily and calmly, and being in the company of another is anxious at heart. Already at a subconscious level, we decide how to behave with this or that person. Therefore, try to develop and listen to your intuition. For more information on how to develop your intuition - you can read in the article by Steve Olson -.


If you set yourself a goal to understand this or that person, then you need to do it consciously. When communicating with a person, do not forget about your mission and concentrate on it. Do not allow communication to distract you from the task: do not forget about observation and analysis.

Be careful when communicating

To know a person - it is important to listen and hear him. Sincerely interested in his life, ask questions. Everyone loves when they are interested. In such situations, you can learn more about the person. Find out what kind of lifestyle a person leads and what he enjoys. So, you can more comprehend the nature of the interlocutor.

Non-standard situations

The nature of a person is best manifested in an extreme situation. In ordinary life, most people wear masks.In a state of danger, a person comes out of his comfort zone and is unable to act as a template. Here are the real values ​​of a person.

Knowledge of a person through drawings

Many psychologists recognize their patients not only through communication, but also through drawing. You can take an example from them and, looking at the comrade’s notes, learn a little more about him. Read more about this method in the article -.

From our article you learned the main points that you need to pay attention to when communicating. In order to know a person, it may take a year or more, but in order to understand people well a lot of time. To do this, read a lot of special literature, the advice of psychologists, watch documentaries.