How to understand my wife?

The average husband, with his male mindset, as a rule, hardly understands his other half, its needs, life values, needs. Because both female psychology and the notorious female logic are somewhat different from the male one. We will try in this article to learn how to understand the wife. There are several types of wives. Let's talk about each of the types.

Mother wife

The type of behavior of such a woman is authoritarian, imperious. She knows better what her husband should wear, what to cook for dinner, where to go for the weekend, with whom to spend the holiday, and so on. She looks a bit down on her husband. Implying that even a man with a good woman can become a man. Therefore, how to spend the family budget, she also decides herself, her husband’s advice is not needed.

On the other hand, such a woman always has everything in order: the children are not naughty, they are fed and cared for; the fridge is full of delicacies. A plate of rich soup will always be on the table at the slightest hint of her husband to this. Shirts are ironed, socks darned. Just an idyll. She will even give an injection if she is sick and will replace the qualified nurse.

Let's learn how to understand a mother wife. Remember, defiantly arguing with such a woman is impossible. With it only constructive conversation is allowed. I wanted, for example, fishing. You can not take it and just put it before the fact. You need to calmly explain that you want to relax with friends in nature. Ask her what to wear, ask them to make coffee in a thermos and sandwiches. And in this case, she will be happy to take care, because this is her usual style of behavior.


This is a playful, active, cheerful woman. She looks at her husband with admiration and admiration. Undoubtedly ready to take his views and hobbies. Do not argue with her husband ever. They told her to cook sausages, which means they cook, they didn’t say she wouldn’t cook. In short, her husband looks straight into his mouth.

Of course, this behavior flatters men, but it also obliges them to many things. Such women are infantile and quite dependent, they can not stand up for themselves and therefore constantly need a man's strong shoulder. Husband is their hope and support. Such a wife will never forgive indecision, laziness and financial insolvency.

Sister wife

This is a reserved, independent woman. She perceives her husband as a part of the surrounding world, no more, but no less than her friends, work, children, dogs, trips to the theater. She has clearly defined responsibilities for the house. If the husband provides for the family, then she takes care of the house, if she brings her salary, then let her husband wash the shirts himself. The wife-sister never interferes in the affairs of a man, but she does not allow him to restrict her freedom or impose any style of behavior on her. She has her own views on life and will never adapt to anyone, including her husband.

Now we learn how to understand the wife-sister. If you want a comfortable life with such a woman, be independent and independent, forget about male chauvinism, too, about infantilism. The wife-sister acts as an equal partner, and she is always ready to help, replace the doctor, mother, and if necessary, a colleague. Perhaps, it is not enough ardor, but this is more than offset by loyalty, tolerance and reliability.

Friend wife

If a man gets such a wife, he is truly happy. This is a mixed type. Psychologists distinguish two types of female friends.The first will resemble the wife-mother, but without authoritarianism and the desire to impose their will. The second reminds wife-daughter, but without infantilism and obsessive addiction.

Such a wife is a strong rear. For her, family always comes first. She will willingly share her husband's hobby, in a difficult moment she will never stand aside, and she will take care of her husband's mother as if she was her own. But such wives will not tolerate consumer husbands. Do not even try to sit on her neck or neglect her company.

How to understand a pregnant wife

The main thing is calm. Yes Yes. As a husband, you should be as calm as possible, compensating for the fact that the wife is now all the time cocked. Your calm and discretion should neutralize her impulsiveness and nervousness.

During this period, the woman especially needs your affection and care. All the time you need to be interested in how she feels, how the baby behaves, to stroke her belly and talk to him.

This will help you understand your pregnant wife. And trust and understanding - this is the main thing that should be in family relationships.