How to use a protractor?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
April 5, 2013
How to use a protractor?

Many have heard of a current instrument, like a protractor. About how to use the protractor, tell our article.

The protractor is the most convenient tool that allows you to measure the angle and build it. They are used in drawing, geodesy, geometry and cartography.

The protractor consists of two components:

  • straight scale ruler
  • goniometric scale in the form of a semicircle, which is divided into degrees (from 0 to 180, but there are from 0 to 360)

Using a protractor is simple. In the case when you need to build any angle and you know the required degree, then you just need to put two points on the sheet and draw the given angle. A protractor is a ruler that measures the angle of a triangle. The first point should be placed in the center of this line (most protractors have a special niche for such a point that it is located in the center). Then you need to put the second point where the degree you need is located on the protractor.Now it remains to draw a line from the beginning to the given point along the ruler, and with the second line simply connect the point of this corner with the point on the ruler itself (that is, the point on the semicircular ruler and the point on the straight ruler).

You can also measure angles with a protractor (except for creating them). For example, you have a corner drawn on a sheet. It is necessary to attach a ruler to one of its sides and see with what degree on the semicircular ruler the second line of this angle will intersect. This will be the degree measure of your angle. For example, if the angle is 50 degrees, it will be the intersection with the number 50, if it is 60 degrees, then the intersection will be with the number 60 and so on. This will be the degree measure of your angle.

As you can see, everything is very easy. You just need to try once and everything will work out! It must be remembered that during a test or examination you may be prohibited from using this useful device.

Now you know all about such a device as a protractor protractor!