How to wake a person?

September 10, 2012
How to wake a person?

This is a frequent problem of parents waking a child to school. Or wake up your husband / wife for work. Some of them jump up from one look, others are able to oversleep atomic war. How to wake a person? What to do, how to behave, what ways exist?

Wake the person: ways

  1. Well, let's start with the simplest. Perhaps a person wakes up work (school, etc.) simply because he does not have an alarm clock? Give it to him. Now for sale a lot of original.
  2. If a person sleeps very well, it is better that the alarm melody is not the quietest and not calm. It must be a vigorous march.
  3. If you are thinking about how to wake a person over the phone, try the following. Record your voice with the message that it's time to get up. You can come up with something funny. For example, tell jokes or ask questions, many questions. In theory, this should start the thinking process and the brain will wake up. Just do not ask about nuclear reactors, it will only lull.Let it be simple questions that a person can answer. For example, how much time, in what you go to work, where your cat or dog is (even if you don’t have them). By the way, you can wake up not only by phone.
  4. To wake a person, you can fold the blanket from him. Especially effective when home is cold. You can blow cold air blow dryer.
  5. Apply something cold to the eyes of a sleeping person. For example, chilled cotton pads, or two tomatoes from the fridge. Just do not drag the meat out of the freezer, it will stick and damage the eyelids. You will wake the person, but what will happen after? Always think about the consequences of your way of waking a person.
  6. Sometimes you sit at a party after a stormy (we understand what this is about) a birthday (or other holiday), and he (she) fell asleep. Then we think how to wake up a drunk person. Rub the sleeper's ears, cheeks. Just don't clap hard, it's still not nice. Blood circulation in the head should encourage people. If radical measures are needed - pour cold water over the person’s face; can be sprayed, you can get water in your mouth and spray it in your face. Another way to wake up a drunk person is to give ammonia to smell, and after any reactions - to make him drink a glass of cold water.
  7. To wake a person, you can give him a drink of invigorating lemon juice (juice of half a lemon in a glass of water). This, by the way, will be useful (in the absence of allergies and other contraindications).