How to wake up a child?

Awakening in the morning is a difficult process for any person, not to mention the baby, who will have to leave the warm bed. And it often happens that parents are in a hurry and push the child to get up faster, as a result, the mood will deteriorate in both. You need to start your day so that it becomes pleasant for the whole family. Consider how to wake the child so that it is painless.

Morning rise

To make the morning rise pleasant:

  • You can not wake the child sharply. Since during sleep the functions in the body are slow, it will take some time for the child to wake up. It is not recommended to immediately turn on the light in the room and do not require a momentary lift from the baby.
  • Mom or dad should approach him and hug him affectionately, the children love it very much. You can stroke a leg or a pen, light touch will wake the child, and he will gradually move from sleep to wakefulness.
  • In order to wake up faster, it is recommended to have a light massage, for this you need to take the baby's palm and massage his fingers, or gently massage the earlobe with your fingers, you can even tickle it slightly. From these touches the child will be easier to wake up.By performing such actions, you will know how to wake the child without causing him inconvenience.
  • Come up with some incentive for him. If a child attends kindergarten, let him take with him his favorite toy or book. Often in the morning for children show cartoons, so you can offer him to watch it or put his favorite children's song.
  • Prepare a small gift for him and offer him to look for it.
  • It is necessary to try to smile more often and to talk tenderly to the child and you should not argue with him on trifles.
  • If it is a day off and you do not plan to go anywhere, is it worth it to wake the child. Better give him the opportunity to sleep an extra half hour.

Feeding baby

Often, nursing mothers ask if they should wake up to feed their baby. On this issue, there are two opinions of experts. Some of them believe that it is necessary to do it strictly by the hour, others believe that if the child is sleeping, this should not be done, since the baby himself knows when he needs to eat. Violent actions in such cases are not desirable. If the baby’s sleep is interrupted forcibly, he will be capricious, and fall asleep at the breast, you will have to constantly shake it and the feeding will turn into a long process, and as a result the child will not get enough sleep and not eat.Therefore, you should decide for yourself whether to wake the child.

A few rules for good sleep

Sometimes there are situations when a child is awake at night and sleeps during the day. Many mothers are interested in what to do in this case and whether it is possible to wake the child. In such a situation should work hard. It is necessary to give him as much attention as possible during the daytime, try to distract him, play and talk with him. It is not recommended to play active games after sunset, and before going to bed to bathe it in calming herbs, you can put dried hops under the pillow. But, before taking any action, you should consult with your doctor.

For a restful sleep you need to:

  • the linen was always fresh and soft;
  • the clothes were spacious and made of natural material;
  • the temperature in the room was 18 degrees;
  • the bed was comfortable.