How to walk in high heels?

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How to walk in high heels?

The high heel visually lengthens the legs, as a result, the woman seems more slender and graceful, and a graceful gait gives her a special charm. That's just buying a fashion model, the fair sex often do not know how to walk in high heels. But everything can be learned, and we offer some practical tips below.

How can you learn to walk in high heels?

To master walking in heels, you should first pay attention to your posture. Also have to do exercises abdominals, muscle corset, leg muscles. In this case, suitable gymnastics, which should be aimed at developing the necessary muscles.

If you have previously preferred shoes with flat soles, then it is recommended to choose a model with heels that adds a maximum of 7-8 centimeters to your height. whatWalking in high heelsconcerns the width of the heel, then the pin should be postponed until better times. It is best to begin to master the height of ankle boots, boots, boots, since the stability of the legs in them is an order of magnitude higher than in open models.In such shoes it will be much easier to learn to walk in high heels. Thus, a graceful gait will become a habit without too much difficulty. You can also buy shoes on wedges, it is more stable, so thanks to her it will be possible to pump calves, and you will not go "on the half-bent."

If you notice a similar habit behind you, you should run in the morning. A month of such training will give you a confident walk. And you can help the exercise bike and swimming. Learning to go in high heels can also help you our article - How to walk in heels.

Correct gait

Many girls envy gait models, but in real life you need to walk very differently. Place the foot so that the socks are slightly apart. SuchWalking in high heelsthe habit will save you from uneven grinding of the heel, as well as prevent deformation of the instep, and in the end the shoes will last much longer. You must walk along one line that you need to mentally draw along the road. The foot must first be put on the heel, after which the step smoothly transfers the support to the toe. Remember that the movement should start with the legs, and not with the body.The length of the beautiful step in the heels should be slightly less than the length of the foot without shoes.

Getting rid of clubfoot

Quite often, ladies suffer from unaesthetic club foot. This is because it is difficult for them to wear high heels. For this reason, shoes should be picked up a little lower. In addition, you should try to turn the socks to the side a little while walking, and also walk straight, without stooping.

Beautiful posture - the key to an elegant walk!

To walk in heels gracefully, you need to monitor their posture. Stand on your heels, straighten your shoulders, pushing them back and slightly lowering down, straighten your back, lift your chin, pull in your stomach and take the first steps, rememberingWalking in high heelsthe above rules. In order not to memorize all the items, you can make it easier. Stand with your back against the wall so that the following points touch it:

  • the back of the head;
  • buttocks;
  • caviar;
  • shoulder blades;
  • heels.

Stand so short that the body remembers this position. Now take a few steps. It is necessary to train at home, preferably on the floor for a few days. After that, it will be possible to defile on the street with a confident gait.