How to wear a skirt?

Nowadays, girls as well as men wear trousers. But still, each of us likes to wear beautiful skirts, exposing our lovely legs to the world. At first glance, it is not difficult to choose this type of dress, it is enough to come to any clothing store and take what looks at you. However, even in the most fashionable and stylish skirt, not every girl will look good. You need to know which style is right for you and what to wear with your new clothes. In this article we will share with you some secrets so that you can always look your best.

How to wear a pencil skirt

Pencil skirt favorably emphasizes the elegant bend of the hips, focuses on the slimness of the legs and fits the body well. Make sure that it does not "hang out" on you and narrowed downwards. The length of this skirt should be two fingers below the knee, but there are more and less long pencils.

  • If you have too narrow or vice versa voluminous, heavy hips, then this is not your style. Such a skirt only emphasizes the inconsistency of proportions.
  • If you are not tall, then you are great pencil, waistline which is higher than usual.Thin and very tall girls are better not to wear skirts with a high waist, especially in combination with a tight top, a one-tone blouse and knitwear.

It is best to combine a pencil with a blouse with voluminous original sleeves, a collar or a puff. The bottom of the blouse is always tucked under the belt on the skirt. Wear a wide belt around your waist so that it is emphasized. And most importantly: a pencil skirt is worn only with high heels.

How to wear a tulip skirt

Tulip skirt is perfect for slim girls and girls with narrow hips. This style resembles an inverted tulip flower, it emphasizes the transition to the hips from the waist and visually enlarges the hips. That is why women with full hips and curvaceous should not wear such skirts.

Model length usually does not reach the knee. Visually, it reduces the growth of its owner, because it is not particularly suitable for short girls.

How to wear a tulip skirt? As the tulip visually shortens the legs, wear it only with heels. Make sure that your top was not bulky, but form-fitting. Dress the blouse under the belt.

How to wear a year skirt

The length of this style is below the knee, it is a plastic skirt that fits the hips, emphasizes the lines of the body and expands downwards. In order to obtain such a shape, manufacturers sew in the required number of wedges with different angle of expansion. The skirt is perfect for an evening out, if its length reaches the floor and the girl puts on high-heeled shoes under her.

The biggest advantage of the year is that it makes the owner slimmer. It visually stretches the body, lightens the shape and balances the proportions if the hips are too full.

This skirt should be worn with a long jacket or blouse. You can wear a top or blouse, tucking, or not tucking it under the skirt. And the waist is best emphasized with a thin belt.

How to wear a flared skirt

The flared skirt is one of the variants of the skirt-year. It consists of several wedges in the shape of a trapezoid. This is a universal style, as it is combined with a sports and business kit.

  • For obese women fit the flare of soft, draped, lightweight fabrics. But from the skirts with large floral and geometric patterns should be abandoned. It is better to stop the choice on monophonic models.
  • For women with narrow hips, there is a flare of denser, coarse fabrics, due to the fact that the figure will look more full, rounder and more feminine.

How to wear a trapeze skirt

Most women fit exactly skirt-trapeze. Its form is very simple, it does not constrain movements, therefore it becomes the favorite thing of its owner.

The length of the trapezoid usually reaches the knee. Tall girls should opt for a model below the knee, and low - on a shorter version in combination with a high heel. If by nature you have a boyish figure, then this skirt will make it more feminine, hide the extra weight and balance the forms.

Trapeze can be worn with shirts, tops, blouses, sweaters, jackets and jackets. Remember only one thing: if the skirt is bright and spectacular, then the top should be modest and concise and vice versa.

How to wear a long skirt

A long skirt makes visually taller than tall girls. She looks great with a blouse. If the skirt is multi-layered and fluffy, wear a tight-fitting, unobtrusive, one-colored blouse. Straight long cut looks great with blouses made of lightweight, airy fabric: silk or chiffon, on which there is a decorative finish, for example, a frill.

As for shoes, under a long skirt it is better to wear shoes on a flat sole: ballet shoes, sandals, high sneakers or athletic shoes. Start from the style you chose. If desired, you can wear heels.

Now about the bag. Many stylists recommend wearing small bags of strict forms under a long skirt, as long as they do not make your silhouette bulky and bulky.

We told you how to wear a skirt. Choose a style in which you will look just great and wear your things with pleasure.