How to weave a harness

Make a turn and drag the second row of diamonds, then the third. Instead of the fourth, join the outer rows to form a round rope.
In the bundle the beads will be arranged with holes in two directions - parallel to the bundle and perpendicular. Pass through the extreme bead of the parallel row, dial a new bead. Then go through the next bead of the parallel row and tighten. In the same way, go through the whole row, compacting it with new beads.
The first harness is better to make one color. Subsequently, you can vary colors, create ornaments and patterns, increase the number of rows (not four, but five, seven, ten), decrease and add the number of beads between the rows.
In this technique, it is important that the beads are strictly the same size, diameter and shape. Buy Czech or Japanese beads, in Chinese the difference between beads can be very large.