How to win an argument?

Ksenia Vilinskaya
Ksenia Vilinskaya
January 27, 2015
How to win an argument?

To argue is an art, and to win an argument, one cannot do without certain skills. What are some ways you can use to win for you?

  • So, first of all you have to work on self-control. Without controlling oneself, it is difficult to convey to the opponent the arguments - even the most clear and convincing ones. Learn from the leaders, speaking in public, participating in discussions. How do they hold on? To whom does success come? To those who know how to file themselves and in a dispute remains confident, calm, does not raise his voice.
  • Another important aspect is the ability to argue correctly. This largely determines the success in the dispute. Build logical chains, state your arguments clearly, but do not go too far: rudeness has no place in a dispute.
  • Success comes when you are firmly convinced that you are right. In this case, you will quickly find the necessary arguments in your favor. It is important to submit them correctly. Only one convincing speech is not enough; it is necessary to react to the adversary's statement in time and quickly.
  • Another important tip is to study your opponent, his personality.What is his temperament, what is he addicted to, what are his weaknesses. In disputes, you can use similar information.

How to win an argument in everyday life

In families, couples often there are all sorts of "domestic" disputes. They may relate to issues of living together or hanging out. There are several useful tricks for how to win a dispute in everyday life.

  • Focus on the interests of the interlocutor. For example, when the subject of a dispute between a married couple is buying new things for a wife, she may give the following argument: “I’m trying to get you: will you get bored if I look the same every day?”
  • Sometimes it is useful to make a sharp attack like: "And these are all your arguments? I don’t even want to listen to them. When you find more compelling reasons, then we will discuss."
  • And finally, do not forget the words of Dale Carnegie, who wrote: "The best way to win a dispute is not to argue."