How to write a book?

I want to write a book! How to start and how is it done? If only you knew how many people around the world are puzzled by this thought. The first experience, whatever it is, is always given uneasy. But life is a movement, it is impossible to stop at what has been achieved, it is necessary to strive to achieve one goal after another.

What book to write

When choosing a genre and theme of the book, it will be necessary to take into account a number of main factors:

  • You need to write about what interests you. If the topic is indifferent to you, then boredom will sound in every line of the book, no matter how you try to hide it behind bright colors. The writer will not be able to arouse the interest of the reader to the book, if he himself was not interested in the topic. Think about the future ... After reading one boring book with your last name on the cover, he won’t even look at your next project.
  • Think of the interests of the target audience. If the topic is interesting only to you and a couple of your acquaintances, then there will be no point in publishing many copies.
  • Tell the reader that you personally know and know how. Share your experience. It is always more interesting to read about life examples than a bare theory without practice.
  • Try to choose a direction in your literary activity.Do not be sprayed on "everything about everything." After reading one book on your specialization, people will look for the second and third. You will win your audience. Gradually expand the topic, but do not go to completely opposite areas.

How to write a book, where to start

Start by realizing that you cannot do without your own motivation and discipline. How many people shout: “I want to write a book!” Without writing anything. Start with small steps: turn off the TV, close social networking pages, retire. Take it a rule to write at least a little, but every day! This is a very important rule, otherwise it will not work. Do not invent a punishment for a missed day, so you allow yourself to break the main rule in advance. Write, even if there is no so-called inspiration: sit and think, change the situation, go for a walk or go to the cafe alone. That is how many famous writers come up with ideas for their works: from the world around them. Now about the ideas ...

The standard question asked by the authors of popular works: where do they get their ideas from. No one can really answer it.After all, ideas are born from everything that surrounds us, and each environment is different. Remember, we create it ourselves. Of course, if you lie and spit at the ceiling all your life, then inspiration may not come. Think about your experience, reflect on all the little things that happen around you.

We have collected useful tips from writers for you on how to write a book so that it won the interest and love of readers:

  • How to write a book and create characters? When creating a book's hero, think of him as a real person. Mentally communicate with him, argue, think over in his character and appearance all to the smallest details. Let emotions for you originate to him: sympathy, love, hate, anything. After all, if they appear with you, then the reader will definitely have the image of this character in his head. Do not leave any of your hero impersonal.
  • Never write for volume.
  • Do I need to plan the plot of the book? Oddly enough, the answer to this can not be unambiguous. Some authors ponder it in advance, others write without even knowing how the book will end.
  • From time to time, read aloud what is written. Thus, you yourself will feel if there is some harmony in the book, if there is a special rhythm in the text.
  • Always carry a notebook and pen with you to record ideas.Do not hesitate to do it anywhere, wherever you are.