How to write a technical book

You will need
  • - reference books;
  • - writing materials / computer.
The technical literature is heterogeneous in structure. There are books for beginners, and there are serious publications for professionals. Therefore, before starting work, select the audience to whom you are addressing your work.
Equally important is the ratio of theory and practice. Think whether you want to write a reference book or, on the contrary, a practical guide. You can also combine both of these genres.
After you select the audience and the genre of the future book, make its approximate content. It will serve as your reference scheme for further work. The next stage in the creation of the book - the collection of information. Get the necessary information not only from your own professional experience, but also from competent sources (authoritative journals, reference books, etc.).
Study technical literature related to your future book. Write down the passages that interest you.At the bottom of the pages on which you place this information make links to the source. This will help you avoid problems with copyright infringement. And your readers will always know what additional source they can turn to, wishing to broaden their horizons on this issue.
If you are writing a technical book for a wide range of readers, include in its composition a dictionary-reference book, in which an accessible interpretation of all complex terms and concepts will be given. Be sure to supplement the text of the book with illustrative material. If the book is a practical guide, describe each operation in detail, noting all its nuances.
Remember that technical literature is, by its very nature, difficult to read. If you are writing a book for beginners, to give the reader a break, dilute the scientific narrative with interesting historical facts, add unknown details about famous researchers and their discoveries.