a guest03.03.17 11:49

Husband lingers at work

Hello, Alexey! Tell me, please .. I have such a problem - my husband comes home from work late .. I know for sure that he finishes his work much earlier, because our mutual friend works with him and during the conversation, I asked if they are detaining them, replied no, never. Where can my husband do the work after work .. Naturally, the thoughts are climbing the most disgusting .. But I'm afraid to ask, tell me what to do?


Alexey Golev



Husband lingers at work

a guest03.03.17 12:39

Hello, you are not afraid to ask and talk to your husband on this topic, if you continue to fear and not be interested in the husband's schedule, then one day he will come and tell you that I have another woman, she is pregnant with me and I'm leaving you ...

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