I want to make my mother a surprise - to bake a birthday cake. throw recipes, pliz ^^

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Cook Earl ruins. It is both tasty and light and so beautiful .... The truth will have to tinker with it, but the result is worth it. First you need to cook the meringues. Whip 6 proteins with two cups of powdered sugar and a pinch of soda. We make it so that straight froth is whipped. Then with a syringe and bag squeeze small bezki for traction. Too close can not spread. I prefer it if you bake on parchment paper without oil coating. The oven should be heated to 100 degrees, and the meringues should bake for about an hour. It is better not to open it for checking, otherwise the cheap ones will become sagging. The bottom layer of the cake will be the usual biscuit (I think, you know how to do it?). For this cake you need 2 creams.For the first, we melt 200 g of oil to softness, mix it and gradually pour in 2/3 cans of boiled condensed milk and 2/3 of the usual, mix well so that there are no lumps, beat. The second cream is made from two whipped whites and half a cup of powder with the addition of 1/3 chopped walnuts. Cut the sponge cake into two cakes and coat the inside with the first cream, sprinkle with nuts. Meringue dunk in the top of the second cream and lay the bottom layers on the cake. After each layer pour a little first cream. We put while peramidka fail. The remnants of the first cream pour overflows on top. Three chocolate and spill. I then insist on it for 10 hours in the fridge and it is possible to give him 3-5 hours.