Instructions: perfect makeup for tanned skin

Remember that your usual makeup on tanned skin will not look as beautiful as usual.

Congratulations, you coped with the mission of this summer - your skin is tanned and beautiful. We are sure that you put a lot of effort into putting the tan on evenly and gradually becoming bronze. However, along with the tan, a new problem appeared - what kind of makeup would suit it. We decided to sort out the most important issues: what tonal means to use when there is a tan on the face, what shade of lipstick to choose and what color range to stick to in all makeup.

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First step

Most often, after sunbathing in the sun, the skin looks dehydrated, therefore, before applying makeup, you must carefully prepare it for this. Moisturizing serum or cream - that will save dry skin and fill it with moisture.

Second phase

A summer tan should make your skin bronze and even out its tone.“A light tan gives the skin freshness, such skin often does not even require tonal means, just add a little moisturizing and highlighter. But it also happens that after two weeks the tan becomes dimmer. The peach shade primer will help you cheer it up. Apply it under the tonal tool or instead of it, and for additional shine, mix with a drop of liquid highlighter of a warm shade, ”advises Anna Merkusheva, national makeup artist MAKE UP FOR EVER in Russia.

Primer Step1 Skin Equalizer Radiant Primer # 8, MAKE UP FOR EVER
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Semi-Permanent Gel Lip Liner Gel Pencil, PROVOC Make up
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Skin Illusion SPF 15, Clarins Moisturizing Foundation
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Lipstick Color Sensational Powder Mattes shade Cruel Ruby, Maybelline NY
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Compact powder NEO NUDE, Giorgio Armani Beauty
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Third stage

Dark shades of shadows can slightly burden your eyelids, especially if you have a fairly deep tan. Try to use a light palette; Pale pink, peach skin looks great on tanned skin - they will make the skin even more radiant and beautiful. Moreover, makeup artists believe that pink shades are the most versatile and should not be afraid of them.

“Catch the moment! Tan is perfectly combined with rich juicy shades - orange, fuchsia, orange-red. Pay attention to the shadows and liners of lemon and lime shades. However, in order not to overload the image and keep the emphasis on radiant skin, choose only one bright accent - on the lips or eyes, ”says Anna Merkusheva.

Pink shades are the most versatile, and do not be afraid of them.

Fourth stage

In summer, the skin should shine, and with a tan - shine twice! Highlighter is the best way to do this. And do not forget about blush, as they will give a little color to your skin. Choose creamy textures that will also moisturize.

Fifth stage

With a bronze skin you can wear absolutely any shade of lipstick, but red, orange and coral look the most advantageous. They will be the most striking accent that so coolly combined with tan.

And what kind of makeup for tanned skin choose celery, look in the gallery.