Interesting examples of animal tattoos

The art of decorating your body with drawings originated in ancient times. Its history goes back over 60 thousand years. Initially, they served as insignia, giving the opportunity to learn about social affiliation, profession or status. Today, tattoos have become a way of self-expression, which has already ceased to be just a fashionable trend.

These cute little animals

Pads with animals are one of the most popular among the plots that a person wants to capture on his own body. But, like all the other drawings, each individual image of the "beast" has its deep meaning and overtones. Therefore, picking up a sketch, do not be lazy to learn about him as much as possible information.

For beautiful ladies

Masters of tattoo highlight several of the most common subjects that are usually chosen by girls.

  1. Cats. Since antiquity, it was believed that cats are special creatures that can see the other world. A person who decides to decorate himself with such an image partially adopts some traits of the animal's character: tenderness, love of freedom, desire for power, and at the same time cunning and deceit.
  2. A fox.Another good example with which you can safely experiment, choosing a real portrait or a picture of a funny cartoon character. The value of such a tattoo is mainly positive and gives out creative personalities endowed with a special mindset, independence and dedication.
  3. Panther. Girls are better off choosing the option of stealing or peacefully lying animals, as represented in the photo, which will carry powerful female energy, concentrating in itself such qualities as grace, elegance, intelligence, as well as suddenness and deceit.
  4. Snake. It hides a special symbolism of sexuality and seduction, it is not for nothing that the serpent became the main tempter in Paradise. But besides this, the animal is also a symbol of wisdom, fertility and security. It will look beautiful on your back, stomach or leg.
  5. Pegasus. This winged mate of Zeus in ancient mythology has recently become very popular as a tattoo for girls. It is chosen by those who want to emphasize their strength and propensity for hard work. Also, Pegasus is a symbol of inspiration, so it is quite suitable for creative people.

For men

Men usually prefer to perpetuate on their bodies animals associated with strength and power.

  1. Wolf. The most vivid example of courage and valor. He describes his master as a devoted leader, ready for self-sacrifice for the sake of a good cause.
  2. Bear. His dexterity and strength surprises everyone, so a man who has an image of this beast on his body is probably domineering and in places quite tough, but not deprived of his mind.
  3. Dog. It can carry a double value, depending on the option that was chosen. In one case, they are faithful, loyal, caring friends, and in the other, evil watchmen and even hellish dogs.
  4. Tiger. The inhabitants of the East identify this animal with success and wealth. The one who chose his image is simply “doomed” to success.

Tattooing is a special symbol, and deciding to decorate your body with it, you present to people around you very valuable information, namely, the main features of your character, your life purpose and desires. So, you need to carefully and carefully consider various symbols and patterns, remembering that the chosen image will decorate your body constantly.

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