Lace (Lily-of-the-valley) wedding

The 13th wedding anniversary is called the Lace or Lily of the Valley wedding.

The thirteen-year anniversary is not symbolized by spouses with an “unlucky number thirteen.” Although for a long time in Russia it is believed that 13 years of a wedding anniversary is a transitional period for spouses, because at this time quarrels begin, at this time demons throw an apple of discord into the family.

It is believed that it was during this period that the fortress of the family was verified. In this regard, the thirteenth anniversary is called "lace" or strong and woven like lace. However, there are not only strong and woven, but also openwork and thin, so the name “lace anniversary” says that you need to appreciate the family and treat family relationships carefully, as if it were thin laces.

White and fragile flowers - lilies of the valley, as beautiful and pure as love and loyalty are also considered beautiful symbols of the thirteen-year anniversary.

Anniversary is usually celebrated not only in a quiet family circle, but also in the circle of close friends and relatives. The house creates an atmosphere of mystery and mystery, the table is decorated with a tablecloth of lace.In some countries on the thirteenth anniversary of the spouse gave her husband a homemade butterfly, which she made herself. It is believed that such a butterfly of lace attracts and keeps a man in the house. Thus, the woman tried to make her family stronger on this rather dangerous wedding anniversary.

What to give?

In Russia, this jubilee was celebrated by giving different items on which lace doves were placed, symbolizing peace and purity or white swans, which symbolize tenderness, love and selfless devotion to each other.

The husband often presents his wife as a gift for a “lace wedding” with beautiful underwear or openwork peignoir. Guests can give spouses bed linen, which is trimmed with laces, as well as lace napkins, lace tablecloths and plain, delicate openwork woolen products.

Due to the fact that the thirteen-year anniversary of the wedding is also called the lily of the valley, guests can give the spouses flowers — lilies of the valley — white, clean, beautiful and tender, as love carried by after so many years. A wonderful gift for spouses will be unusual souvenirs, which symbolize the thirteen-year family life, which are very much in specialized stores.These gifts will not only be a pleasant surprise for the hostess, but also help to decorate the house and bring in elements of joy and happiness.

Now you know what celebration is celebrated for 13 years of marriage and what you need to give on this anniversary :).