Learning to sing beautifully and from the heart

Today music accompanies us everywhere. We wake up and turn on the radio, go to work and listen to music on the player or phone, and then the whole day mentally humming the liked song. And our concerts in the bathroom is something! But many of us can only dream of performing on stage.

It seems to you that for this you need to have talent. And you have neither voice nor hearing. We hurry to please you, there are no people without voice and hearing. If you are a healthy person and you can speak, then you have a voice for singing. And if you hear the surrounding sounds, then you have a hearing. You just need to engage in the development of these abilities. And we will give you some tips on how to do this.

The most important thing in singing is working on yourself and hard training.

Yes, there really are people who have good singing data, but without a correct voice, they can remain unseen. Conversely, those who do not have a particularly beautiful voice, through strenuous vocal studies, succeed.

By the way, the majority of such singers are on our stage. If you listened to one of them at the very beginning of their creative path - you would simply be horrified by their singing.

Develop your talent

So do not be discouraged, you are no worse than variety singers and can also learn how to sing beautifully, even at home.

We start with small

Of course, it will be very difficult for you to do this on your own, as the teacher’s help is very important in the formulation of a voice. But if you do not plan to conquer the big stage, and want to learn how to sing exclusively for yourself, then homework will be enough for you. The main thing is persistence and your diligence.

So, you decided to sing, but do not know where to start. This will help you some of our tips and lessons.

Develop hearing

First of all, you need to work on hearing. Yes, in order to sing well you need to hear well. For any singer is very important to fall into the notes. Even people with a very beautiful and strong voice, but who are fake and do not fall into the notes - at once, spoil the whole impression of the song. Therefore, it is very important for you to hear exactly how to sing, and where, what note you need to take. Suppose you do not have a beautiful voice yet, but if you perform the song correctly, it will be progress.

So, in order to develop your hearing, you need to do the “unison” exercise every day.It consists in simultaneously sounding two sounds at the same height. Do not rush to sing along with your favorite performers.

To begin with, you need to practice on one note, for example, the sound of a key or a guitar string, or generally choose any monophonic sound. And try to get in with that sound in unison. On the first attempt, of course, you will fail, so try again and again until you achieve a result. And how to understand that you sound in unison?

Everyone can learn

It's very simple - if the sound you make and the sound that you imitate, starts to sound louder, although you sing at a normal volume, then you are in unison. This phenomenon occurs when a resonance occurs, i.e. two identical in tone sound superimposed on each other. If you feel it, it means that you have succeeded.

Now you can go to the sound of another key. And so, until you learn to sing the sounds of different heights. If you are already good at it, you can proceed directly to the performance of songs. It is better to choose simple songs of your favorite artist, under which you will be easier to adjust. And now try to get in unison with him.

Learning to hear

Another very important rule for those who want to sing is to learn to hear themselves. Since you do vocals yourself without a teacher, there is no one to point out your mistakes. Therefore, it is very important to hear what and how you sing. To do this, you need to take a habit and each time record your singing on a dictaphone.

And then it is necessary to analyze it, but not from the position of the performer, but as a real music critic, to know where you have falsified and where the note was missing. And yet, in the beginning, you might think that the record is not your voice. This is due to the fact that we within ourselves hear our voice differently than those around us who listen to us. In time you will get used to it.

It is very important to breathe properly when singing. This is almost the most basic rule. After all, if you breathe in and out incorrectly, then by the end of the song you will simply start to choke and you will not be able to pick up the notes of the desired height.

So, how do you breathe when singing?

In order to correctly emit sounds while singing and not suffocate, you need to “breathe” in the stomach, not in the full breast, i.e. In the breath, the diaphragm and the lower ribs must be activated.Inhalation should be fast and short, and exhalation should be slow and smooth. Need to breathe through the nose.

It is very important to learn to control your breathing. You should have enough breath and exhalation to sing one phrase to the end without interrupting it with an additional breath. The correctness of how you breathe can be easily checked - just put your hand on your stomach and you will immediately understand what you breathe.

Special exercises

There are exercises that will help prepare you for proper breathing and singing.

The first exercise is called the "pump". You need to stand upright - legs shoulder-width apart, arms extended along the body. Then you need to lean forward. Hands should be straight and pointing down. This should be done smoothly. Be sure not to forget about breathing. For a short quick breath in your nose you have to bend over, and on a smooth slow exhalation - straighten. This exercise must be performed 8 times on 12 approaches, i.e. leaned 8 times, rested, and again repeated the approach.

The second exercise is called “hugs”. Its essence lies in the fact that you need to clasp yourself with your hands, as if hugging. In this case, the hands cannot be crossed and should be kept at shoulder height.With a hug, you need to take a quick breath, and when you hold your arms, you need to breathe out a smooth breath. It is better not to change the order of the hands - then you will achieve better results: prepare the lungs, diaphragm, vocal cords and throat for singing.

Training will help you

Well, of course, do not forget about the correct articulation and diction. In singing, it is very important to be able to open your mouth properly. After all, the quality of the sounds you make depends on it. You also need to be able to clearly spell out all the letters and not swallow the end of words. For this you can practice with tongue twisters.

It is very important to properly prepare the voice for singing. This will help you singing. For beginners, singers can be advised: le-lu-le-lo, mi-moo-me-moo, ri-ru-re-ro, kri-kru-kre-kro, gi-gu-ge-go, etc. d.

In any case, to consolidate knowledge, practice is needed, and singing is no exception. Therefore, to get a result and learn how to sing, you must work on yourself every day. Of course, at home, it will take much longer than with the help of an experienced teacher. The main thing is not to give up and then you will succeed.

But if your goal is to perform on a big stage, then in this case you simply need expert advice. And the best teacher for this role is the solfeggio teacher.This is a whole technique aimed at correctly putting your voice. This teacher will be able to choose a course of exercises that will help you learn to sing beautifully.

Age is also important. An adult is much harder to learn how to sing properly than a child. The reason for this is very simple: children quickly grasp everything, and they are also easier to train the vocal cords, because they are just beginning to form. Therefore, if you want your child to become a singer - he should be sent to music school as early as 5-7 years. And then your child will be able to please you with their successes.

Songs and music make our life beautiful. Do not deny yourself this pleasure. Sing for the joy of yourself and others!

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