List of the most unusual airports in the world

Traveling is a great opportunity to enjoy the beauties of our world, to learn something new, to receive a dose of impressions and emotions that may remain in your memory, if not for life, then for many years.

And the journey will surely be remembered even more if your destination airport is on the list of the most dangerous and unusual airports in the world. According to the pilots themselves, the most dangerous thing in flight is landing and taking off, and carrying out, it seems, the usual manipulations at such airports, they are clearly aware that not everything is as simple as we would like.

The list includes the most extreme airports in the world, which are considered such because of their unusual location, short runways or difficult access, which is often complicated by high mountains or natural phenomena in the form of fog or strong winds. So, gentlemen, fasten your seat belts and sit back, we begin our extreme flight!

  • Paro Airport in Bhutan.It is his, by right, called almost the most terrible and dangerous airport in the world, for which he often occupies a leading position in such ratings. Located in a deep valley of the Himalayas, 5.5 km high at an altitude of about 2.5 kilometers above sea level. The length of the runway - only 2000 meters. Landing and take-off in Paro is not allowed to all pilots, but only to those who have a special certificate. And I have to say, there are very few such brave souls - only 8 crew commanders all over the world.
  • Juancho Iraquskin Airport on Saba Island. To get to this amazing island of the Caribbean is not so easy, and the whole problem - in a too short runway, the length of which is only 396 meters! This is negligible, but there is no way to increase it, if only for a few meters. On both sides it is bounded by a steep slope that breaks straight into the seething ocean. The conditions of takeoff and landing are also complicated by the high mountain slope that closes the strip on one side, so that only the most experienced and qualified pilots will be able to get on the island of Saba, for the rest the path lies across the ocean by water transport.
  • Courchevel Airport in France.Many people know that Courchevel is a popular ski resort in France, where many wealthy citizens of Russia and other countries of the post-Soviet space prefer to rest. But not everyone knows that there is another very unusual airport, the runway of which is located at a decent inclination. In addition, it is famous for its incredibly high location, which, by the way, was captured in one of the films about James Bond. To land a plane in Courchevel, pilots must receive a special certificate.
  • Gustav III Airport on the island of Saint Barthelemy. The very small airport, which is located on the Caribbean island, scares not only passengers, but even rafts. The runway is incredibly narrow, so the aircraft at each takeoff or landing incredibly close to the slopes of the adjacent hills. When taking off, airplanes have to fly over the sea beach so low that they, for safety reasons, are advised not to use this part of the coastal zone.
  • Ice Runaway on the sharp Rossa, Antarctica.Perhaps, one of the most dangerous and unique airfields in the world, as here planes are forced to sit on the runway, which, in fact, consists only of dense ice on which layers of snow are compacted. The main difficulty is that such a fragile surface can not withstand the weight of heavy aircraft, which, with incorrect calculations of the pilot, can easily be carried out under the ice. During the period when the danger of ice splitting is great, the aircraft are redirected to other airfields.
  • Bara Airport in Scotland. A truly unique place! Just think: all of its three runways go under the water during strong tides. A unique phenomenon can even be seen in the photo of eyewitnesses, and the flight schedule of passenger liners has to be combined with a complex schedule of tides.
  • Gibraltar airport in Gibraltar. Refers to the number of not only the most dangerous and terrible airfields in the world, but, unlike most other similar ones, it remains incredibly lively. No matter how surprising it may sound, it is located in such a way that the runway crosses one of the most important and busy roads of the city.Therefore, every time the plane takes off or land, the movement is completely blocked. What is even more surprising, for all the time of its existence - not a single major accident happened here, and, naturally, we hope that in this regard nothing will change.
  • Madeira Airport in Portugal. Another amazing international airport, which, unfortunately, is associated with one very loud accident of the last century. Madeira was opened in 1964, and the length of its runways was only 1600 meters. In 1977, the landing Boeing crashed on a stone bridge, eventually ending up on the nearest beach. After this, the route was extended several times, in the early 2000s a whole piece was added, supported by huge stone columns.
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