Loft design do it yourself

Children's room design in the attic

Attic is a great place to create a child's room. Only it is worth considering that the place is not enough. And, nevertheless, the children's room in the attic room should accommodate a bed, a wardrobe, bookshelves and a desk for classes. When designing, try to focus on the psycho type of the child. Calm children need intense colors of the walls and ceiling. But active kids this option is not suitable.
Children's room in the attic should not be overly cluttered with furniture. If the design project provides for the arrangement of a room for two children, furniture of different colors will be required. "Spheres of influence" should be separated visually. By the way, when selecting flowers, you should consult with the children so that your version suits them completely.

Bedroom in the attic

To create a bedroom in the attic, you should lining the ceiling with clapboard and paint it with transparent varnish to preserve the natural wood color.Then, in accordance with the tone you need to pick up furniture and portieres.
If there are no skylights in the roof, the lining will be better painted white. So, you can really compensate for the lack of daylight. Well, with the help of dark shades of furniture it will turn out to focus on the snow-white ceiling and walls. If the windows in the attic overlook the east side, it is recommended to hang dark curtains to help you escape from the morning sun.
Some designers recommend using only light pastel shades in the bedroom design. This is especially true for the mansard room, where the sun shines strongly in the windows at sunset.

Design cabinet in hunting style

Attic is a great place to create a cabinet. For wall cladding cabinet suitable lining, covered with a layer of special antiseptic. On the floor of the grooved boards can lay the skins. As for the decor of the room, a good option would be wooden furniture with pillows made of genuine leather.
If the attic has not very small dimensions, you can add the interior of the cabinet with a false fireplace made of plasterboard.At the same time it should be trimmed with tiles that imitate natural stone. It is better to abandon the idea with curtains. They are good for the living room or bedroom, but not for the office. It is better to use vertical or horizontal blinds made of wood or bamboo.