Manicure with beautiful pictures

Manicure should do every woman. After all, it is often judged on how much a woman cares for herself. Manicure is the implementation of various procedures in order to give your hands and nails a healthy and aesthetic look. There are dozens of techniques to perform this procedure, different types: manicures with drawings, French, Spanish and many others.

The art of nail design is known to mankind for more than one millennium. They were owned by Egyptian priestesses. At that time only representatives of the nobility could afford to draw on the nails. In our time, this procedure can afford absolutely everyone. Moreover, everyone can learn all the wisdom of this business. Some people prefer to perform a manicure in the salon, while trusting professionals.

Not all women have access to salon procedures: a banal lack of time, patience, and money. Despite this, you should not give up the joy of bragging to your friends a cool manicure with a picture.You can try to master the technique of drawing on the nails yourself or to enroll in the appropriate courses. Believe me, these skills will be useful in your life. You must agree, the master in the salon can not always satisfy our wishes, and in this way you can paint what you want on your nails.

Drawings on the nails can be very diverse. Manicure with simple patterns is suitable for beginners, but experienced “artists” can paint real works of art on their nails:

For painting nails, you can use the following materials: acrylic paints, varnishes of different colors and textures, glitter, rhinestones, fabric, powder. The tools used are brushes of different sizes, tweezers, needles and special sticks. Some people find it convenient to draw on the nails with gel pens. For this, the nail is painted with varnish of the desired shade and, after its complete drying, they start painting.

There are two ways to create a manicure with a pattern. In one, only brushes are used, in the other, needles. If you use a brush, you can draw not only on the dried varnish, but also on the liquid, thereby mixing the varnishes with each other.When using a needle, as the main tool for drawing on the nails, you need to remember that the varnish should not dry out. Otherwise, the manicure does not work out. The thinner the needle, the more subtle and neat the lines and the whole pattern.

It is important, before you begin to draw a picture, pick up paints and varnishes. They must be in harmony with each other and be combined, among themselves.

To make the picture not tasteless, try to use no more than three colors of varnishes.

One is for the base coat, the remaining varnishes are directly for the pattern itself. Before you start doing a manicure, make a bath for your hands with the addition of softening agents, then eliminate the cuticle, give the necessary shape to the nails, podpilite them.

Degree the surface of nails with acetone, this will allow the applied varnish to last longer. The first drawings on the nails should not be complicated, try to draw different lines, flowers. Spangles will help to transform, to make more effective any design of a marigold. After you finish painting your nails, wait until the varnish dries, then apply a fixative.

During the creation of a manicure it is important to fully surrender to this process.Try to stay alone, turn off the mobile, because while your varnish is dry, someone will certainly want to call you.

You will have to spend a little time on a manicure with complex patterns, do not despair if you don’t immediately get to paint perfectly. Try, be interested, experiment with your nails.

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