Marble Envelope Paper

Marble paper for envelopes- a master class, we create with our own hands the effect of marble on paper - "marble paper".

Materials and tools:

  1. paper;
  2. shaving foam;
  3. toothpicks;
  4. Acrylic paints.

Step 1

Take a plate (another container), pour shaving foam into it and drop some acrylic paint on top of it. Toothpick movements up and down we mix the paint with shaving foam.

Step 2

Now we will apply colored foam on the paper. If the pieces of paper are small, then simply “dip” the surface into foam, if the sheet is large, then lay the foam on a sheet of paper.

Step 3

Take a sheet of foam and a sheet of cardboard, holding the edges of a sheet of paper, and starting to remove the foam with a sheet of cardboard, as shown in the figure. Thus, we get the effect of marble on paper.