Methods of treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth

Many women after childbirth develop hemorrhoids. And such a disease is extremely unpleasant and even dangerous, so it definitely needs to be treated. But therapy in the postpartum period has some peculiarities.


Hemorrhoids can develop not only after childbirth, but also during pregnancy, as well as before it. Its main causes are constipation, unhealthy diet, overweight, and a sedentary or sedentary lifestyle. But in the postpartum period there are often exacerbations, and this is due to the period of attempts. The woman is very tense, and hemorrhoids increase in size, and internal can go out.


Symptoms of hemorrhoids outside the exacerbation of the disease or at an early stage of its development may remain virtually invisible. Nodes are usually small, they are found only with palpation.

When a hemorrhoid enters the next stage of development or becomes aggravated, it becomes clear from the following features:

  • Unpleasant sensations in the anus, a certain raspiranie near the anus or even somewhere inside (if the nodes are internal).
  • Difficulty in emptying the bowels. Defecation can become unpleasant and painful.
  • A common symptom is cracked anus, which can be recognized by pain (especially when going to the toilet), as well as by traces of blood on toilet paper or underwear.
  • Later anal bleeding may occur, and quite heavy.
  • Hemorrhoids can come out, grow in size, deliver severe discomfort and even cause severe pain.

How to solve a problem?

Treatment of hemorrhoids after delivery is complicated by the fact that during this period, not all means and methods are allowed, especially if the woman is breastfeeding. But still you can solve the problem, if you act in a complex. Therapy includes several main directions, and each of them deserves a separate attention.

Drug treatment

Virtually any medications intended for ingestion during breastfeeding are contraindicated, since their components will get into the milk and, therefore, into the body of the baby, and this can be dangerous.

But still, in severe cases, the doctor may advise any remedy, but only after an examination. And for the period of treatment, it will probably be necessary to stop lactation.

If hemorrhoids are accompanied by constipation, then a specialist can advise taking a mild laxative. During lactation, such drugs as “Hilak Forte”, “Duphalac”, “Normase” are allowed. They act gently and in most cases do not harm the child (but there are exceptions, for example, an allergy or intolerance to certain components).

Local Therapy

If you have already tried to figure out how to treat hemorrhoids, then you probably know that many doctors prescribe local drugs in the form of ointments, gels or rectal suppositories. And they really help to eliminate unpleasant symptoms of the disease and to achieve a stable remission.

Most of these drugs contain anti-inflammatory components (most often nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, less often glucocorticoids), decongestants, as well as thrombus formation inhibitors (for example, heparin), which accelerate regeneration processes (vitamin A, sea buckthorn oil), painkillers, spasmolytic (dimedrol or papaverine). .

Despite the fact that candles, gels and ointments are used topically, some of them are contraindicated during lactation, so it is advisable to seek advice from a proctologist so that he can find a suitable remedy. When breastfeeding, you can use the ointment "Troksevazin", "Proktozan", Vishnevsky ointment and heparin, "Relief", "Posterizan", as well as candles with sea buckthorn oil or calendula, "Procto-Glevenol", "Relief".

To introduce candles should be correct. First, get them out of the refrigerator, then lie down on its side, open the package and gently insert the suppository into the anus. Lie down, and if there is a desire to defecate, try to clamp the buttocks. Carry out the procedure should be after emptying the bowels and washing.


An important role is played by proper nutrition. The main task for hemorrhoids is to normalize digestion and reduce the load on the anus and rectum. And for this, you should include in the diet as much as possible of foods rich in fiber: vegetables, berries, fruits, and cereals.

Also useful will be vegetable soups, dairy products.And in order to have a balanced diet (this is important during lactation, because the health of the child also depends on the nursing mother), also consume lean fish and meat.

Correct lifestyle

Try to change your lifestyle and follow simple tips:

  • Try to move as much as possible.
  • Do not forget to follow the rules of personal hygiene. So, after defecation, it is advisable to wash with cool water, and not to use toilet paper.
  • Try not to allow hypothermia or, on the contrary, overheating, this can cause aggravation.

Useful exercises

To strengthen the intestinal walls and prevent the loss of hemorrhoids due to the weakening of the muscles, you can perform exercises that strengthen the muscle tissue of the pelvic organs. These include Kegel exercises, as well as for the press. But avoid intense loads, they can only aggravate the situation.

Homemade recipes

It is possible to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth and folk remedies:

  1. Some advise using natural honey. They can lubricate the external nodes or handle cotton swabs, which should then be placed in the anus.
  2. Moisten a cotton swab in sea buckthorn oil and insert it into the anus.
  3. Herbal teas, such as calendula, chamomile, plantain, oak bark, linden, and coltsfoot also help. For the preparation of such a means two or three tablespoons of raw materials should be poured with a glass of boiling water, then boiled over a slow fire or water bath for about ten minutes, insisted for an hour, then filtered and used as enemas or applications.
  4. Rub the raw potatoes, put the gruel in gauze, form a cone with a rounded end and place it in the anus, and preferably at night.
  5. Some recommend making enemas with the juice of fresh beets or carrots.
  6. You can take sedentary baths, immersing the whole basin in a warm herbal decoction for 5-10 minutes.
  7. Mumiyo can help. To achieve the effect of a few pills, explain it, dissolve it with warm water to make a thick gruel. Enter the composition into the anus and lie down for an hour to make the remedy work.

Consult a doctor on time to cure hemorrhoids. And remember that during lactation, not all treatments are allowed!

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